Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CAPCC & Urban Partnership Bank host " Get Your Business In Order & Get Covered

 Chatham Avalon Park Community Council


                  Urban Partnership Bank


                    Get Your Business in Order &   

        2014  Medicare Update/ Get Covered Event

   Date: Thursday, December 5  , 2013

  Place: Urban Partnership Bank,

            7801 South State, Chicago, Il 60619  

 Time: 2pm until 4:30 pm


I. Opening/ CAPCC Mission  Maryellen Drake     

 II. Trusts Wills & Estates    Atty. Elliott Powell                                               

III. 2014 Medicare Update     Maryellen Drake

IV. V. Health Matters                  Robert Beck

V. The Affordable Health Care Workshop

    Aaron Byrd, Illinois African American,

Coalition for Prevention

  B. Staci Diggs, Beloved Wellness Community

Wellness Center

       VII.  Get Covered  Registration

VIII. Adjournment


“Addressing Quality of Life Issues is What We Do ”

           1955        Everyday    to Present

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