Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3 important gatherings this week...

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
This week there are a few gathering of note, which include

Chatham Avalon Community Council
Meets for their holiday season gathering at Chatham Avalon Church, 8601 S. State, Monday Dec 9th, 2013, 6;30PM. Come join Keith, MaryEllen, Lolita Washington and many more bring in the Holiday season with a year ending meeting, and holiday get together, this Monday evening.

SSA#51 Commissioners meeting
At QBG building 806 E. 78th, (Post office Bldg., 7700 Block of Cottage) Again it's time to observe city government in process. SSA #51 is an arm of Chicago city planning. Many in our community wonder just what is SSA #51 and what does it do. There is a case of note developing in which our associate, Leiana Gary asks our support. Please join in.

Also, there is the progress on our business strip security team. Come hear a progress report.

Affordable Care Act Presentation
Comer Center, 7200 S. Ingleside, is hosting an Affordable Health Care fair and sign up session at 6;00pm. We cannot stress how important it is to have as many community members as possible attend and learn more on this most important government initiative. which has now become LAW!

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