Thursday, June 27, 2013


President Obama acknowledged something must be done about climate change in his speech yesterday. Whether we
think his proposals go far enough or not this project offers an opportunity to make a small difference in
the problems that the heating and cooling of buildings contributes to the climate change issues so please
read the rest of the email and review the attachments. Please pass this on to your networks regardless of
where they may live in the City.

After 10 months of working on the Energy Impact Illinois program as the Regional Lead Organizer for the
south side of Chicago I am sending you this email to ask that you participate in Campaign 200:

Campaign 200 is the south side Energy Impact Illinois teams’ vision for adding 200 more energy audits and
retrofits during the next 6 weeks as the program comes to an end. Officially the program ends on September
30th; however because the projects has been funded by the US Department of Energy government rules prevent
any more work or transactions to occur after that date. So effectively to make it possible for the deadline
to be met all audits and work will be scheduled and if the home or building owner decides to do the retrofit
all audits will be scheduled and completed by August 15th with air sealing and insulation retrofits being
scheduled and completed so that all transactions are completed before the deadline.

Energy Impact Illinois is a whole home energy efficiency program that offers rebates, low cost energy audit
and special low interest loans for single family homeowners and owners of 2-4 unit buildings. There are no
income restrictions or requirements that the building owners occupy the building.

To take the first step towards energy efficiency and savings, sign-up for a $99 assessment ($99/unit if a 2-
4 building) by contacting Orrin Williams at 773.597.8155 or

For a free assessment host a neighborhood house party, inviting in 5-10 other homeowners to see your
assessment and learn about the program.

Additional low cost options for homeowners include:

· CNT Energy’s Small Multifamily program which offers free assessments and a proactive energy adviser for
owners of 2-4 unit buildings in middle to low income communities.

· The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association’s EnergySavers bungalow program which will completely cover the
cost of energy efficient air sealing and insulation work for low income historic Chicago bungalow owners.
Middle income homeowners will qualify but will be asked to contribute $300 to the work performed on their

For more information on any of these programs please contact Orrin Williams at 773.597.8155 or

Finally! We need your help! Besides asking you to send this email through your network we are asking for
volunteers for the next training session; stay tuned for the date. This is a critical piece of the program
as many of the staff will not be working beyond August 2nd. Volunteers are needed to promote the program
through presentations at house parties and community meetings through the end of the program. PLEASE, PLEASE
consider joining our team as a volunteer and attend the training session! Call Orrin Williams at
773.597.8155 to RSVP.

Time is of the essence!

Regional Lead Field OrganizerOrrin WilliamsEnergy Impact Illinois orrin@energyimactillinois.org773.597.8155
(W)773.486.3452 (F) Want a Big Bill or Little Bill? Visit ENERGY IMPACT ILLINOIS

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