Be Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem !!                              
Chatham Avalon Park Community Council
Whitney Young Library
                                                          the 3rd & 6th District Police Departments                                                     
Host An 
                                                 Anti-Bullying/Anti-Violence Workshop                                       
for Community Stakeholders
                                           Let's Provide a Safe Haven for our Community Residents                                     
                          Date: Tuesday, June 18 , 2013                                    
                                     Place: Whitney Young Library                                                
                                               7901 South King Drive                                                
                                   Chicago, Illinois 60619                                    
                      Time: 5pm until 7:30pm                     
                                                                                       Panel Rountable Discussion: 5:45 pm until 6:30pm                           
                                              Breakout Sessions: 6:30pm until 7:15 pm
                                                 Closing Statements: 7:15pm until 7:30pm "
                                                   Addressing Quality of Life Issues, Is What We Do"                                                
                             since 1955                   
                                                    For more information, please call the CAPCC Office at 1-866-272-1215.