Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Question

Where is the young white influx into Chatham coming from and will they be welcome and what are they really up to? Leave you comments on the comment line.


JP Paulus said...

i respectfully ask for you to do 2 things:

1) Specify where these white people are? i walk around and very RARELY see one.

2) Reply back to comments made on the blog.

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council said...

We have seen a lot of white people not of the prejudice stock check out the housing stock, go on the computers in the library at the Whitney Young Branch, eat at McDonalds and Burger King, and the Dunkin' Donuts, ride bikes and motorcycles, walk and jog up and down 79th Street, even in spite of the crime wave going on, and blacks bring in their white spouses into houses and apartments in Chatham.

Worlee Glover said...

This is the stupidest response I have seen. Keith Tate and Maryellen Drake need to resign as President and Vice President for allowing a dumb ass run their blog.

1. The assistant librarian at Whitney Young is white, Duh. Also, we have teachers at the elementary and high schools who are white.

2. Most of the businesses along 79th street do not produce the products they sell so they purchase them from distributors and wholesalers who sometimes have white salesman.

3. At any point in time there are city,county, state and federal projects going on in Chatham and soe of the contractors are white.

4. The Dan Ryan is part of a national expressway system. Maybe some whites got hungry and came off the expressway because the trust the names Mcdonalds and Burger King.

Lastly, who left you to judge who someone should live with? You have a lot of fucking nerve to make that statement.

CAPCC is embarrasing this community as well as wrecking several candidates campaigns with this ridiculous mess.

JP Paulus said...


on that last point...i did not take that as slamming interracial couples, but is perhaps a genuine observation. Certainly on my block, which i think is one of the most diverse in Chatham each of the 4 or 5 couples (inluding my family) are all interracial. i know of just one family that is an all white couple, and he is a Moody Bible Institute professor who moved her to plant a church.

At the same time, i certainly dispute that "HUNDREDS" of whites (previous post) are here.

JOGGING here? I have seen maybe 3 people jogging my entire 3 years here. i did note a white guy riding his bike...but maybe he was on his way to Beverly, and just wanted to ride through a safe neighborhood? As for motorcycles..i haven't seen any white people ride through...there are African Americans (inclding a neighbor) who do ride them...sometimes they're at the 50 Yard line.

As for McDonald's, Whitney Young, & Burger King -- are you sure it wans't me every time?

i'd like to know the times they are here, because somehow, i keep missing them!

By the way, Worlee, CAPCC still have you listed as being chair for i believe sub-area 3 (according the website at i assume there is a long , interesting (and disputable) story there...

Finally, thanks CAPCC, for responding to the comments.

Worlee Glover said...

LOL, Yes I was an officer of CAPCC and that is why I'm upset about this comment. This wasn't the focus when I started nor when I left in They need to work on the website that was paid with taxpayers dollars versus making embarrasing and exagerrated statements.

I personally know of white real estate appraisers from my days in real estate who have and continue to work in and around Chatham. They are not homeless or looking to move here. As well as I know food and beverage reps who are white who have been working in the area for years who have long term relationships with business owners.

This has and continues to be the normal course of business daily. Why this individual feels that a handful of indiduals is an "influx" is beyond me.

There is too many other issues that need to be tackled and this isn't one of them. There is no conspiracy here.

ifiworld said...

I KNOW there are a lot of young whites coming into Chatham, casing the neighborhood, using the Whitney Young branch since it as 23 REALLY is true...they are coming in checking what Chatham has for them that they can't afford anymore from where they came. If you can see the whites with your eyes, then change your eyeglass prescription.

Worlee Glover said...

They might want to see what the Alderman said about this post

ifiworld said...

Lets not be myopic...whites are coming into Chatham, first as young people casing the neighborhood...then as real estate speculators as flippers...something they don't let the blacks do to the housing stock.

ifiworld said...

This blog is not the place for white racism or black your eyes and free your mind...the whites are coming attention...the neighborhood of Chatham is changing...and not necessary for the better.