Monday, December 14, 2009

SPECIAL REPORT: The Future of Chatham

We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, think that the direction of the community should go in the way of development, i.e., creating and re-creating a more suburban-type lifestyle for the residents. This would include an innovation-based, research and development(R&D)-based, idea-based, knowledge-based, and industrial-based (in high-technology) area for Chatham. Remember even former Mayor Jane Byrne said the future of Chicago would have to be high-tech. It could start with the new construction of the Whitney Young branch of the Chicago Public Library at 7901 S. King Dr. like that of the Bucktown Wicker Park branch that was constructed creating new jobs:


Worlee Glover said...

Where you propose placing all of this Einstein. Why don't just stop making an ass of yourself. You don't have a clue and are just talking and wasting time. Why Keith continues to allow this is beyond me.

JP Paulus said...

These photos are part of the effort to make the new Whitney Young library a two story building, which they compare to a North Side library (the photos).

i thought the library was a done deal, but Ald. Lyle gave us the details (i believe i wrote about it in TheSixthWard blog).

Basically, the aim was to make it 1 story, because each floor of a library requires at least 1 staff member at all times (which as we have posted, is a tough budget problem; libraries are reducing hours due to lack of funds).

Newer libraries such as in West Pullman & Bevrly are examples of the new 1 story style.

However, due to the land issues with the landromat, that part has to become a capped parking lot, forcing the library to become 2 stories.

Personally, i would LOVE to have the library 2 or more stories (to maximize the space). It makes sense to me to make it as big as possible; it will be impossible to expand later on.

i just hope they don't recude programs (such as the type that my daughter has attended) because of the staffing issue.