Thursday, December 3, 2009

Young White Homeless Flock into Chatham in Droves!

Again, it's very true. Hundreds of white youth, from North and Northwest sides are coming to Chatham in search of a more stable place to stay from the rising chaos in the housing market in the white community. But they are homeless, coming to Chatham, whether they are friends with "homies in the hood" or not, looking to a very cheap place to stay...perhaps using the availability of Section 8 housing. But they are no doubt here, using the public resources for a new start.


Y2K_1914 said...

Ok, I'm not sure I understand. What point are you trying to make? So what if there are white people, homeless or otherwise, looking for housing in Chatham?

JP Paulus said...

Again, it's very false. Hundreds of white youth, from North and Northwest sides are NOT here... But there is DEFINITE doubt they are here, using the public resources for a new start.

While we appreciate definite different points of view, and alternate news stories...this is a lie.

Believe me...i look out to see if there are any other ethnic groups in the neighborhood. HUNDREDS of white youth? The CAPCC blog has made this claim before, and have NOT answered the simple question of where they are? What cross streets?

Why are false stories being printed, while news of CAPCC meetings is NOT being posted in a timely fashion, nor have details been printed, such as the Sub Area IV meeting (which was posted here, almost verbatim from the original SixthWard post....not a problem to reprint, but you should cite the source).

There is just a shard of truth in terms of the chaos in the market up north...i tell people that the reason why we bought a house here, after selling a condo up north is that "for the price of an outhouse on the North Side, you can get a real house on the South Side".

I am calling Keith Tate to ask about this.

Anonymous said...

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