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Ranking HBCUs' Graduates Debt; Take A Young Black Man To WorshipDay; Recession Hurts Black College Students More; Best Short Videos ToInspire Young Black Men and Boys


Making Progress; Moving Forward!
Ranking HBCUs' Graduates Debt
Take A Young Black Man To Worship
Recessions Hurts Black College Students More
Best Short Videos for Young Black Men and Boys
National Save Our Sons Night
2015 Daddy Daughter Dance
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The Institute for College Access & Success has released its ninth annual report, Student Debt and the Class of 2013. The study found that student debt levels continue to rise with about 7 of every 10 college graduates accumulating some debt. The average debt level was $28,400.
The report also identifies the colleges and universities where on average students have the lowest level of debt upon graduation. Among these schools is Princeton University, the Ivy League institution that eliminated student loans from financial aid packages and provides generous aid packages for low- and middle-income families. But many of the schools on the low debt list enroll large number of low-income students. These schools are able to graduate students with low levels of debt because their students generally qualify for federal and state grants that cover all or most of their college costs.
Among the low-debt schools are several historically Black colleges and universities. Among the low debt HBCUs are Howard University in Washington, D.C., Fort Valley State University in Georgia, and Hampton University in Virginia.
But there are also some HBCUs on the report's list of colleges and universities that graduate students with a high amount of debt. These include Kentucky State University, The Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, and Texas Southern University.
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Take A Young Black Man To Worship
for Dr. Martin Luther King Day
on Sunday, January 18, 2015
Please call 773.285.9600 for more information or to register your place of faith and worship.

How the Recession Hurt Black College Grads More Than Their Peers
The gap in unemployment rates between African Americans and whites is
even worse now than it was in 2007.
Photo provided by The Black Star Project (credit)
By Sonali Kohli
December 29, 2014

The Great Recession might be over, but it has left behind widened racial inequalities in unemployment and wealth.
The unemployment rate for white Americans over 25 who had not finished high school was 9.7 percent in 2013. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for black Americans who had advanced further on their educational trajectories, attending but failing to graduate from college, was 10.5 percent. That's an increase from 2007, before the recession:
This same trend can be seen among recent college graduates. The unemployment rate for black degree-holders between the ages of 22 and 27 was 12.4 percent in 2013. The unemployment rate among all college grads in that age range, by comparison, was 5.6 percent, according to a May report from the Center for Economics and Policy Research. The number was even lower for white college graduates in the age range-4.9 percent, the study's co-author told The New York Times.
That's a gap of 7.5 percentage points. Compare that to 2007, before the recession, when the gap was just 1.4 percent. Black Americans with college degrees then had a 4.6 percent unemployment rate, while white Americans with undergraduate degrees were at 3.2 percent, the Times notes.
And the recession hasn't only affected people coming out of college. The median net worth of white households was 10 times that of black households' median wealth in 2007-and 13 times the median wealth of black households in 2013, according to a recxent Pew Research Center report.
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Some of the best short Youtubes and videos to inspire young Black men and boys. Please click on the live links below
Harlan Rising/Black Youth Project - What's A Mentor -
Harlan Rising - Visions of Success -
Face of Darkness Documentary on Depression in Young Black Men -
Save Our Sons PSA created by Richard Wright Public Charter School -
Spit'In Anger Presentation Promo -
National Save Our Sons Night
Friday, February 6, 2015
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