Tuesday, January 6, 2015


        Chatham Thrives in 2015

 We will continue to Rise & Rebuild.

We will continue to Uplift & Respect our residents setting  better Quality of Life standards.

We will continue to encourage our residents to participate and be part of the solution.

We will continue to strive for Economic Empowerment, Civic Accomplishment Personal Freedom & Justice.

We will continue to hosts Conservation, Crime Prevention, Economic Development, Education, Health & Wellness Workshops.

We will encourage our youth to get a great

education, viable skills and make good choices & set measureable & obtainable goals.


We will continue to work for the greater good of all our residents.

We will continue to work with the our elected officials, law enforcement

Stakeholders, residents & business owners and hold them responsible for making our community Safe, Sustainable, Greener, Healthier, & Vibrant and improve our Quality of Life.

We will continue to represent and serve the residents of Chatham with integrity &

commitment & continue to recruit quality individuals who are seeking to improve and grow our community for the future.

Will (You) join in and help ?


We can improve  our community, one

Block, one person at a time.


The Chatham Avalon Park Community

     Council 2015 Board of Directors 

                Chicago, Illinois 60619

            Contact Us:  1-866-272-1215

Keith O Tate                          Maryellen Drake

President                               Executive Vice President




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