Sunday, January 11, 2015

Black Male Achievement Explodes Onto the World on WVON

Making Progress; Moving Forward!
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Black Male Achievement Practitioners from All Over the World Talk About Mentoring, Saving and Developing Young Black Men and Boys
This Picture of Young Black Men from the Nation of Islam Has Inspired the World to Save Young Black Men
Click Here to See Brothers from the Nation of Islam (Houston Mosque #45) Bring Peace and Hope to the Streets of Houston Without a Gun or a Badge.
Saturday, January 3, 2015
6:00 pm central time
On WVON -1690 AM
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The Black Star Project thanks the Board of Directors of The Field Foundation of Illinois, the Board of Directors of Woods Fund of Chicago, Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Collins, Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford, Chicago Alderman Will Burns and Melody Spann Cooper of WVON for their generous support for our parenting programs.
Susan L. Taylor
Editor in Chief Emeritus of Essence Magazine and Founder of National Cares Mentoring Movement says,
"I'm In!!!"
"I'm in to mentoring, educating, developing and saving young Black men and boys. And so to is the National Cares Mentoring Movement in 55 cities."
Click Here to learn more about the National Cares Mentoring Movement.
Click Here to see Oprah, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Spike Lee, Diddy, Mariah Carey, Terrence Howard and more. They are all in for the National Cares Mentoring Movement! Are you?
Click Here to invest in and contribute to the work of the National Cares Mentoring Movement.
Black Male Achievement Explodes Onto the World!!!
Accra, Ghana; Vancouver, Canada; and 224 American Cities and Will Mentor An Army of Black Males for Success, Survival and Global Competency with a Black Male Achievement Curriculum!
Young Black men in world are the most despised, stereotyped, disregarded, and feared people on the planet; more likely to be poor, more likely to be undereducated, more likely to be unemployed, more likely to live without their fathers, more likely to be discriminated against, more likely to suffer from mental illness, more likely to be locked up in prisons, and more likely to be murdered than anyone else in the world.
Will your elementary school, high school, college, church, fraternity, community organization, youth organization, sports team, street organization (gang), men's organization, youth detainment facility or any other organization that has control of the minds of young Black men and boys join this mentoring effort any day during the month of January 2015 for three hours. We will send you everything that you need for a successful event
Ask your mayor, your school leader, your pastor or community leader to call 773.285.9600 to join this effort or click here to register.
Brothers from Morehouse College Achieve Academic Success!
Participating cities:
  1. Accra, Ghana
  2. Acworth, Georgia
  3. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  4. Anderson, Indiana
  5. Antioch, California
  6. Asbury Park, New Jersey
  7. Asheville, North Carolina
  8. Atlanta, Georgia
  9. Augusta, Georgia
  10. Aurora, Colorado
  11. Baltimore, Maryland
  12. Bastrop, Louisiana
  13. Bayside, New York
  14. Biloxi, Mississippi
  15. Birmingham, Alabama
  16. Blytheville, Arizona
  17. Bradenton, Florida
  18. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  19. Brooklyn, New York
  20. Bronx, New York
  21. Brentwood, Maryland
  22. Brunswick, Georgia
  23. Bryan, Texas
  24. Camden, New Jersey
  25. Camden South Carolina
  26. Canton, Mississippi
  27. Carbondale, Illinois
  28. Cary, North Carolina
  29. Centennial, Colorado
  30. Champaign, Illinois
  31. Chandler, Arizona
  32. Charlotte, North Carolina
  33. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  34. Chesapeake, Virginia
  35. Chester, Pennsylvania
  36. Cheverly, Maryland
  37. Chicago, Illinois
  38. Chicago Heights, Illinois
  39. Cincinnati, Ohio
  40. Clayton, Ohio
  41. Cleveland, Ohio
  42. Collierville, Tennessee
  43. Columbia, Missouri
  44. Columbia, South Carolina
  45. Conyers, Georgia
  46. Coppell, Texas
  47. Corinth, Mississippi
  48. Dallas, Texas
  49. Davenport, Iowa
  50. Dayton, Ohio
  51. Denver, Colorado
  52. Detroit, Michigan
  53. Dolton, Illinois
  54. Dover, Delaware
  55. Durham, North Carolina
  56. East Cleveland, Ohio
  57. Elisabeth, New Jersey
  58. El Dorado, Arkansas
  59. El Sobrante, California
  60. Elgin, Illinois
  61. Erie, Pennsylvania
  62. Europa, Mississippi
  63. Evanston, Illinois
  64. Evansville, Indiana
  65. Fairfield, California
  66. Fairton, New Jersey
  67. Florence, Kentucky
  68. Florissant, Missouri
  69. Fond du lac, Wisconsin
  70. Forest City, North Carolina
  71. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  72. Fort Worth, Texas
  73. Gadsden, Alabama
  74. Gahanna, Ohio
  75. Gaithersburg, Maryland
  76. Gary, Indiana
  77. Grand Prairie, Texas
  78. Grayson, Georgia
  79. Greenbelt, Maryland
  80. Greenville, Mississippi
  81. Greenville, North Carolina
  82. Greenwood, South Carolina
  83. Gulfport, Mississippi
  84. Hampton, Virginia
  85. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  86. Hawthorne, California
  87. Hayward, California
  88. Hercules, California
  89. Hearne, Texas
  90. Hillside, Illinois
  91. Holland, Michigan
  92. Hollywood, Florida
  93. Houston, Texas
  94. Indianapolis, Indiana
  95. Indianola, Mississippi
  96. Inglewood, California
  97. Irvington, New Jersey
  98. Jackson, Michigan
  99. Jackson, Mississippi
  100. Jackson, Tennessee
  101. Jacksonville, Florida
  102. Jefferson City, Missouri
  103. Jersey City, New Jersey
  104. Jetersville, Virginia
  105. Jonesboro, Georgia
  106. Kankakee, Illinois
  107. Kansas City, Kansas
  108. Kansas City, Missouri
  109. Katy, Texas
  110. Kingston, New York
  111. Lakeland, Florida
  112. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  113. Lansing, Michigan
  114. Las Vegas, Nevada
  115. Lavergne, Tennessee
  116. Leeds, Massachusetts
  117. Leesburg, Florida
  118. Lexington, Kentucky
  119. Lilburn, Georgia
  120. Lindenhurst, Illinois
  121. Lithonia, Georgia
  122. Long Beach, California
  123. Los Angeles, California
  124. Louisville, Kentucky
  125. Macon, Georgia
  126. Manassas, Virginia
  127. Manchester, Missouri
  128. Manor, Texas
  129. Marshall, Texas
  130. Maywood, Illinois
  131. Matteson, Illinois
  132. McKinney, Texas
  133. Mechanicsville, Virginia
  134. Melvindale, Michigan
  135. Memphis, Tennessee
  136. Meriden, Connecticut
  137. Meridian, Mississippi
  138. Mesquite, Texas
  139. Mesa, Arizona
  140. Miami, Florida
  141. Midway City, California
  142. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  143. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  144. Mound Bayou, Mississippi
  145. Mount Airy, North Carolina
  146. Naples, Florida
  147. Nashville, Tennessee
  148. Newark, New Jersey
  149. Newport News, Virginia
  150. New Britain, Connecticut
  151. New Haven, Connecticut
  152. New York City, New York
  153. Norcross, Georgia
  154. Norfolk, Virginia
  155. North Augusta, South Carolina
  156. Norwalk, Connecticut
  157. Oakland, California
  158. Oak Park, Michigan
  159. Omaha, Nebraska
  160. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  161. Owings Mills, Maryland
  162. Palmetto, Georgia
  163. Park Forest, Illinois
  164. Peoria, Illinois
  165. Petersburg, Virginia
  166. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  167. Pickens, Mississippi
  168. Piedmont, South Carolina
  169. Prairie View, Texas
  170. Quartz Hills, California
  171. Radcliffe, Kentucky
  172. Renton, Washington
  173. Richmond, California
  174. Richmond, Virginia
  175. Richton Park, Illinois
  176. Riverdale, Georgia
  177. Riverdale, Illinois
  178. Riverside, California
  179. Rochester, New York
  180. San Antonio, Texas
  181. San Diego, California
  182. San Francisco, California
  183. San Jose, California
  184. San Rafael, California
  185. Santa Clara, California
  186. Santa Monica, California
  187. Sarasota, Florida
  188. Savannah, Georgia
  189. Seattle, Washington
  190. Silver Spring, Maryland
  191. Smyna, Georgia
  192. Snellville, Georgia
  193. Southfield, Michigan
  194. South Holland, Illinois
  195. Spartanburg, South Carolina
  196. Spokane, Washington
  197. St. Helena Island, South Carolina
  198. St. Louis, Missouri
  199. Staten Island, New York
  200. Sumter, South Carolina
  201. Sunrise, Florida
  202. Tacoma, Washington
  203. Tampa, Florida
  204. Tempe, Arizona
  205. Texarkana, Arkansas
  206. Toledo, Ohio
  207. Tolleson, Arizona
  208. Topeka, Kansas
  209. Torrance, California
  210. Tougaloo, Mississippi
  211. Tupelo, Mississippi
  212. Trenton, New Jersey
  213. Tucson, Arizona
  214. Tunica, Mississippi
  215. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  216. Washington, D.C.
  217. Westbury, New York
  218. Westerly, Rhode Island
  219. West Memphis, Arkansas
  220. West Orange, New Jersey
  221. Wheaton, Illinois
  222. Williston, Florida
  223. Wilmington, Delaware
  224. Winter Park, Florida
  225. Yonkers, New York
  226. Ypsilanti, Michigan
Click Here to sign up and receive everything you need for a super-successful MLK Mentor Day! You may also call 773.285.9600 to register.
Click Here to ask President Barack Obama to support this initiative financially and to mentor young Black males on Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday.

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