Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time to close ranks with a purpose

Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbor and Stakeholder,
At last night's network meeting a disturbing fact became known to the group, which requires a special response from the totality of our combined forces and influence. Tazama Sun, one of our loyal associates, has become a physical victim and target of a horde of unruly youth. Some of these youth are his neighbors, whom have been out of control for some time now. Some of you may remember we became aware of them two summers ago when we held National Night out at Tazama’s house.
The "authorities" have done little because somehow this situation keeps falling through the cracks, administratively. Tazama has been to the Alderman’s office, CAPS meetings and has called the police on several occasions and nothing substantial has resulted. Now, last week, as he tried to stop a group from throwing rocks in front of his home, hitting parked cars and causing damage, an unk kid struck him in the head with a rock. There was a group and he could not say for sure which one was the attacker. This must now come to a halt!
There is almost zero support from the neighbors who are older and afraid. The household involved contains a young mother (35ish) who is not home (working) much of the day. There are older children close to18 or so with other younger 10-13 who are home during school hours and out late past curfew. The mother has no real control and doesn’t care to. Tazama has had people look into DCFS, Madison school, Chicago Police and Chicago Housing Authority options, all to no avail. This is unacceptable and the log jam of inaction must stop now before tragedy results.
The basis of our network is mutual support and action. Now we must come to the fore to support out ally, Tazama, who is stricken with gout and barley able to defend himself. I want everyone to ponder how it is we can bring a solid solution to fruition. We’re looking to use our numbers to force any action necessary. A flood of calls or letters to the above mentioned authorities, at city county state levels or whatever it takes - some larger action must happen now.
Let us begin.
Yours in community fellowship
Brad O. Redrick,

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