Thursday, March 16, 2017

Next Session - Tuesday March 14th 2017, 7715 S. Dobson, 6pm

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbor and Stakeholder,
In 2017, as grassroots neighbors, the challenge to manage and respond to conditions leading to neighborhood violence is a very high priority. Across the city, in deed the country, this is a major concern. The need for neighborhood contribution to solutions count absolutely in the greater scheme of things, now more than ever!

This month we come together once again to continue the process of seeking, formulating and sustaining quality of life in our neighborhoods. In regards to the community leadership that we must help proliferate, we step forward calling in new advocates from off of social media - Facebook, Nextdoor and others. To anchor and formulate our efforts in time for the coming summer is an important point for us to complete here and now.
As always we need YOUR presence and support. YOU are vital, YOU make the difference being present, giving in-put where you can and listening to what is developing. This makes a BIG DIFFERENCE even though you may not think so. It's capacity building on a focus that does not happen otherwise. You are needed to help establish a very important rhythm that is the voice of the conscience of our neighborhoods. A turnaround of Chicago's violence is in OUR HANDS and no one else's. Just make sure YOU are there with us to HELP the turnaround become reality.
Date: Tuesday March 14th, 2017

Location : 7715 S. Dobson Ave (*Across from the park, park on the park side of the street.)
Time: 6-8pm

Please make your phone tree calls at this time!
Our agenda this month;

Latest updates & discussion on;
  • The "Jewel-Osco Fiasco" Food security/public safety petition update.
  • Greater Chatham Initiative progress.
  • The new advocate core strategy
  • The new "community partnerships" of 2017
  • Setting the Millenial forum
  • Event planning for mid-year and year-end celebrations. (Juneteenth & Kwanzaa)
Yours in deep community fellowship--
Brad O. Redrick,

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