Thursday, July 23, 2015

Save DuSable Museum / Penis Monologues / Ci3 Awarded $1.2M / EricHorn: Network!

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE DuSable Museum Must Be Saved There has been some very interesting dialog going on from one side abo
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West
PUBLISHER'S PEACEDuSable Museum Must Be Saved
There has been some very interesting dialog going on from one side about the future of the DuSable Museum of African American History over the last week. And it has dug up some very hurtful and past concerned issues as it relates to the University of Chicago and the Southside's black community.
Currently, there has been ongoing Facebook discussions; aligned phone chatter, and as recently as this past Monday, an actual meeting to outline certain people's dissatisfaction with the notion that the beloved DuSable Museum was up for auction.
When the alleged idea surfaced of the DuSable being taken over by the University of Chicago, I was confused and dumbfounded. This was after Robert Blackwell, the now former President & CEO of the DuSable, contacted me to express his thoughts. Because of our decade or so friendship, and him being one of my trusted mentors, Blackwell felt compelled to reach out to me to tell his story. And he was furious!
After my five years as managing editor and founder of TBTNews, I've learned to try and get as much accurate information as possible before I comment, especially on an issue so impactful. I want to make sure that each side of the story has been told, if possible. So, my first call after talking in length to Mr. Blackwell was to U of C, since I happen to have a longstanding relationship with them, as well.
I'm contracted to deliver news and information about their many initiatives taking place behind the walls of the massive structure. I professionally allocate them coverage to tell the story of their over 200 black collaborative partners that they fund or support through multiple programs. Never do I attempt to tell their story or wave their flag.
I will say this publicly, which I stated on numerous occasions to the main players involved in this legion of misinformation, that I met with the U of C leadership last week. After my meeting, I expressed to several people that the University has absolutely no interest in possessing, owning or managing the historic Museum. They are open to help with some strategic financial support, but they do not want to take over Margaret Burroughs' landmark institution - at all!
This all started with an internal memo scripted by Theaster Gates, which was his wish list in what a partnership with the DuSable could look like. Gates also sits on the board of DuSable, along with being a professor at U of C. The University had no knowledge or input into Gate's Works of Words. After the memo was revealed, an individual decided that he wanted to make this internal memo public, which is how these unwanted conversations started. And when blood is perceived to be spilled, the sharks will circle the so-called wounded animal hoping to feed.
Here are two official letters delivered to me personally last evening to match what I stated before about the University having no interest or plans for a massive landmark take over:
This is Theaster Gates. I wrote this document as an artist, Board Member/Executive Committee Member of the DuSable Museum, and resident of the South Side of Chicago. The content and ambition is based on my experience as an artist and my vision of the South Side as a world class arts and culture destination, with the DuSable being a leading force in representing and celebrating Black culture and artists.
I wrote and submitted this as a white paper in advance of conferring with the people listed. It is a preliminary vision document that was not to be circulated beyond the Executive Committee of the Board of the DuSable Museum. After sitting on the Museum’s Board for a little under a year, I have deepened my understanding of the Museum’s potential for curatorial and programmatic growth and look forward to providing continued support and expertise in imagining DuSable’s future success.
The University’s statement: As one of the most significant history museums in Chicago and the nation, the DuSable Museum is a valued neighbor to the University of Chicago. Many University faculty members engage in collaborative research and projects with the DuSable Museum and other cultural institutions as part of their scholarship and involvement in the community.
The document submitted to the museum board by Theaster Gates was not a University of Chicago proposal. The University supports the engagement of our faculty with independent museums like DuSable, however the University leadership was not aware of the document. In addition to being a UChicago faculty member, Gates is a DuSable Museum trustee, an independent artist, and an involved South Side community member. The University supports the autonomy of our faculty to collaborate with external organizations, and we understand that these were Theaster’s preliminary ideas to his fellow board members.
The issue, as far as I'm concerned, revolves around one thing! What are the so-called middle class and wealthy Negroes gonna do to preserve the legacy of one of their gifted treasures? Former board member and president, Mr. Blackwell or others, should not have to go to the University of Chicago or any other outside funding source to help sustain a black MECCA.
The community should put up or shut up! Show DuSable the money - purchase memberships! And the board should utilize its cash reserve to promote the Museum as a destination of cultural relevance in order to increase memberships and visitors. This is how (we) save the DuSable Museum! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
Summer Breeze & Jazz
Events by Eve present Summer Breeze Jazz Concert Series on Wednesday, July 22nd. The summertime gathering is at Seven Ten Lanes, located at 1055 E. 55th St. Featured performer will be the amazing Soul Groove with George Daniels as guest host. Playing the best of Old School, House & Disco will be DJ J. Grilla. Summer Breeze doors open @ 5:30. First set 6:45. Second set 8:00. NO COVER. TBTNews is proud to be the online media partner for the fifth consecutive year.
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Mike with attorney Willie Gary at National Bar Association ‪Conference
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NBA great Dwyane Wade and his lovely wife Gabrielle Union at Espy Awards
kev ross
CEO of 'Two Guard' with Kevin Ross at Norman's Bistro during recent film celebration
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SEPA TEAM Building (Photo: Cynthia Davalos)
Special Correspondent: T. Washington
The Game Changer Chicago Design Lab (GCC Design Lab), a signature program for the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3) at the University of Chicago, has received a five-year, $1.2 million federal grant to investigate gameplay and game design as a way to enhance science and health education for minority groups.
The money from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will provide significant resources for Ci3’s mission to strengthen science and health education on the city’s South Side. This particular grant will establish the Hexacago Health Academy (HHA). The game-based science and health curriculum, which is named after a current game prototype designed by The GCC Lab, will use interactive approaches to teach high school students about sexual and reproductive health issues including STIs, HIV/AIDs, adolescent pregnancy and other risky behaviors such as smoking.
“We’re making and studying a genre called serious games,” said Ci3 founder, Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics, Chief of the Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research, and Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in the Biological Sciences Division. “This project is an outgrowth of our work with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Hive Learning Network. Our goal is to demonstrate through this longitudinal study that making and playing games about science and health will help young people build skills and knowledge; develop an interest in careers in science and health; and promote college readiness.”
For the GCC Design Lab, the project is a natural extension to work that is well under way. The GCC Lab, launched in 2012, has cultivated relationships with youth and science programs across the city. The GCC Lab has also “play tested” several models that are proving the power of game-based learning as a way to promote critical thinking, teach students healthier behaviors and open teens’ minds to opportunities in STEM and health careers.
Chicago Playwright Messiah Equiano, creator of 'The Penis Monologues'
THE TRUTH SALUTESThe Penis Monologues Returns With Two Encore Performances
If you’re from Chicago, you’ve probably seen playwright Messiah Equiano’s popular, comedic coming-of-age play, The Penis Monologues, at least once, and most likely twice.
Since November 2013, Equiano and his talented team have produced the play 19 times on a modest budget, and it has quickly become a favorite among local Black women and men. After successfully bringing the show to Atlanta’s Clark Atlanta University (his alma mater) last year, Equiano, 33, plans to kick off a national tour this summer with two performances in Chi-town (7/25).
Despite its male-centric title, Equiano insists that women are always first in line to see the play. “Eighty five percent of the audience is made up of women between 25-50,” he says. “The play is really a great launching pad for conversations between men and women about male pride, ego, sexuality, relationships and things of that nature.”
EC: Which male experiences does it tackle?
Equiano: Wetting the bed. Being sexually molested by a babysitter. Masturbation. Wet dreams. Male pride. Relationships. Homosexuality. Interracial dating – why some Black men may choose to date White women.
EC: Why do you think women are the core audience?
Equiano: A lot of men don’t go to plays period. If you see a man at a play, 9 times out of 10, his woman wanted to go to the play. (Laughs.) Women come for birthdays, bachelorettes and ladies night, but more brothers are coming to theaters now with their women for date night. Women just enjoy it. We even have a “penis naming contest” as part of the show. It’s a colorful game where ladies guess how many other words are used instead of penis, which for a long time you couldn’t even say on the radio. You’re probably not going to laugh this much at any other show. It’s nothing crass, nothing rude, but very real issues are discussed that men and women want to touch on.
To purchase tickets to upcoming show at the DuSable Museum, located at 57th & Cottage Grove on Saturday, July 25, call 815-669-0224 or go to There are two shows, 7pm and 9:15pm. TBTNews is proud to be the online media partner for this incredible production. - ESSENCE Communications
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eric horn
Eric Horn
Contributing Correspondent: Eric Horn
When it comes to your career, the most important asset you have is your professional network. The relationships that you build today are extremely critical to the success that you will have tomorrow.
Having an active network will help you open doors to new opportunities in minutes, as opposed to years. Let me say this while I still have your attention: meeting someone new at an event or outing is NOT the end of your relationship-building journey with that person – it’s only the beginning. With this in mind, here's one tip that you can start to implement today that will help you become a relationship-building master:
Start inviting people in your network out. Whether it's for breakfast or drinks after work, take the initiative to invite people in your network to take some time out of their busy schedule to sit down and catch up. Most people who are burning the candle at both ends will jump at the chance to take a break and reconnect. Implement this one technique over the next three months, and watch your relationships grow stronger than you could ever imagine.
If you want more tips to take your career to the next level, go over to and sign up for a complimentary chapter of my new book, How Professional Is Your Development.
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GoPro reported second-quarter results on Tuesday that beat on the top and bottom lines. The company posted adjusted earnings per share of 35 cents, beating Bloomberg's consensus forecast of 26 cents. Sales came in at $419.9 million, compared to the estimate of $395.2 million.
In the earnings statement, CEO Nick Woodman said: "I couldn't be more proud of our aggressive pace of innovation. With the introduction of HERO4 Session and HERO+ LCD, we've launched five new cameras in the past 10 months, exciting both new and existing customers and contributing to strong second quarter results."
During the quarter, GoPro announced plans to release a drone in the first half of 2016. At the Re/code Code Conference in May, Goodman Woodman said the current popularity of drones is similar to the early days of GoPro. There has been persistent concern among analysts about competition in the point-of-view cameras market. The company said China is now a top ten revenue-generating country.
In after-hours trading, the stock fell as much as 3%. It is down 2% year-to-date, and up 50% over the past 12 months.

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