Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CPD McCarthy Wrong / Hillary Raise $24 Mil / ComEd's ReliabilityRecord / Perfection?

Building Generational Leaders TBTNEWS COMMENTARY Chief McCarthy Was Out of Line Contributing Correspondent: CDW While Rahm Emanuel was participati
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Building Generational Leaders
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garry mcc
Garry McCarthy
TBTNEWS COMMENTARYChief McCarthy Was Out of Line
Contributing Correspondent: CDW
While Rahm Emanuel was participating in a vigil yesterday at a Bronzeville church to grieve over Chicagoans murdered during the Fourth of July holiday, he should have demanded that police superintendent Garry McCarthy apologize to the father of the 7 year-old killed by what law enforcement says was a bullet meant for the father - a known gang member.
McCarthy's attack on the young man hours after his child was killed was one of the most insensitive displays of ignorance that I've seen in quite some time. Chicago's police chief held a press conference to highlight the murdered child's father's criminal record; saying that if the dad was locked up in prison, the child would still be alive. Who does that? Especially not the police chief of a major metropolis, whose job it is to serve and protect - which his department has not done such a good job of doing, during his tenure.
The community should be outraged that the police chief would degrade a young man while he's mourning the death of his baby boy. If the father is a known gang banger and drug dealer, then again, McCarthy's department failed at their job to have him behind bars and off the streets. So therefore, regardless of what his arrest record states, he's still a father who was just dealt a major blow, to not only his life, but the mother's life, and the immediate family as well.
This dude, McCarthy should be reprimanded by the mayor for failing to exercise professionalism under duress. Yes, the job of being cops is hard and mentally straining in cities like Chicago, New York and L.A. Most would agree. But there is still an exercise of conducting yourself respectfully while doing your preferred job. Every profession must adhere to codes of conduct. This man failed at his job.
And his failure continues, as within urban communities throughout Chicago, the massive police force patrolling black communities are not members of those communities. When I see dozens of needed officers in urban hoods, 90% of mainly white, and now Hispanic. The most recent class of police graduates from cadet school saw over 70 new officers, with only seven being black. And McCarthy still has not answered the question presented to him by WVON's Cliff Kelley about the disparity. He either refuses to come on Kelley's show or ignores request for a response.
He's a failure. His time in Chicago should be quickly coming to an end. The mayor also refuses to acknowledge that McCarthy has not been that effective. Because once Emanuel admits that, then he must confess that he selected the wrong dude. And he'll never utter those words, publicly or in private.
Until the mayor fesses up, Chicago is stuck with a disrespectful, legalized bully who has no respect for the black community, nor Chicago for that matter. He's just enjoying the free ride like most appointed or elected officials.
TBTNEWS ALERTCPD Prepares For Howard Morgan Clemency Hearing
Special Correspondent: D. Burrell
The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #7 has sent out a message to their membership and posted a message on their website encouraging police officers to come out and support the four white police officers that shot Howard Morgan 28 times.
The post on the FOP website reads: In 2005, Howard Morgan was convicted of Attempted Murder of four Chicago Police Officers, Finley, Wrigley, Olson and White. He now comes before the Governor of the State of Illinois asking for a second chance; hoping that the State will show mercy and grant him Executive Clemency. Hopefully, the Governor will show Morgan the same mercy that was shown to Chicago Police Officers. Please make every attempt to attend the Hearing.
First of all, the FOP doesn't mention that Howard Morgan is a retired police officer and was a senior railroad patrolman at the time of his vicious assault. Secondly, let's discuss the four white police officers. Morgan was shot 28 times, spent seven months in the hospital recovering, and in the first trial was found innocent of firing a weapon. Do you now how many nights in the hospital the four white officers spent after they claimed Howard Morgan fired on them? NONE! Combined the four white officers spent ZERO nights in the hospital. Yet, they want us to believe they are the victims.
Incredibly in 2006, the Chicago Police Department awarded the four white police officers medal of honor for their "valiant" behavior. When is shooting a fellow officer 28 times (the majority of those bullets were in Howard Morgan's back) an act of bravery? I encourage everyone to find out all the details of this egregious miscarriage of justice by reading the Howard Morgan Case page on Wikipedia.
The Fraternal Order of Police rank and file will try to intimidate Mr. Morgan and his family at the Prison Review Board Hearing. We need as many people as possible to stand with the Morgans on Wednesday, July 8, at 8am. Show your support for a Full Pardon with Expungement at a peaceful gathering at the Thompson Center (100 W. Randolph). Wear yellow to declare Howard Morgan's innocence. Call the Governor's Office at 312-814-2121. For more information, www.FreeHowardMorgan.com. An injustice to one is an injustice to all!
exelon 2
Hillary Clinton
POLITICS AS USUALHillary Hits $24 Million Mark
Special Correspondent: Jason Devaney
A pair of $2 million donations from George Soros and Haim Saban were among the more than $24 million three groups raised for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign this year.
The most in such a short period of time in the history of presidential election cycles according to a report. Two super PACs and a nonprofit took in $24.3 million during the first half of this year — which accounts for more than half of the $45 million raised by the campaign since it launched in April. Super PACs Priorities USA Action and American Bridge 21st Century took in $15.6 million and $7.7 million, respectively. A third group, the American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, brought in an additional $1 million.
Saban is the 172nd richest person in the United States. He gave $2 million to Priorities USA Action. His fellow billionaire, Soros, whose net worth of $24 billion makes him the 29th richest person in the world (and 19th in the U.S.), gave $1 million to Priorities USA Action and another million to American Bridge 21st Century.
A chunk of the Clinton donations came from Hollywood. Clinton recently stopped for a fundraiser hosted by actor Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer. Several high-profile names donated to the two aforementioned Super PACs. A list that includes DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and producer/directors Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams.
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POWER TO THE PEOPLEComEd Sets Record for Reliability
Despite more severe weather conditions, including recent tornadoes, ComEd has produced its best reliability ever for the first half of a year. For the first six months of 2015, ComEd avoided more than 879,000 customer interruptions on the system.
With passage of the Smart Grid law in 2011, ComEd embarked on a $2.6 billion program to modernize the power system in northern Illinois. Through these investments which include smart switches that reroute power around potential problem areas, new storm hardening and vegetation management solutions, and cable replacement, in addition to the other ongoing programs, nearly 5,000,000 customer interruptions have been avoided since January 2012 through first six months of 2015. Last year alone, more than 1.5 million interruptions were prevented, due to the reliability improvements ComEd is making to its system.
“Preventing outages is one of our main goals, because the best outage is the one that never happens,” said Terence R. Donnelly, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, ComEd. “Our investments in smart grid technology and storm hardening are fulfilling the promise we made to reduce outages and improve the reliability of our system for our customers.”
In addition to reliability improvement, EIMA work has supported 3,600 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in Illinois, including approximately 1,400 FTE jobs at the utility and its contractors. “ComEd’s continued infrastructure investment aimed at modernizing and bringing innovative digital equipment to the grid is an important component to sustaining Illinois’ economic growth,” said Todd Maisch, President and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.
In 2012, ComEd formed a storm task force and has made more than 200 enhancements to its storm restoration process. ComEd is continuing to build on these process improvements, with new areas of focus this year including an enhanced damage assessment process, better coordination of vegetation management crews and improved material staging to ensure readiness during severe weather. Over the past two years, process improvements already in place have resulted in a 30 percent improvement in restoration time. - ComEd Media Relations
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ted santos
Ted Santos
C.E.O. EXCHANGENo One Is Perfect?
Contributing Correspondent: Ted Santos
Before you respond to the title, consider the following. If you observe the universe, it’s perfect. The same is true for nature on our planet. The collaboration between the celestial planets and stars allows life to thrive in great abundance. With that said, if you look at human beings, we are part of nature. In fact, it could be said we are, like all animals, nature. If nature is perfect, that makes people perfect. But…..
We have been conditioned to believe we are not perfect. As a result, we spend enormous amounts of time examining our own imperfections as well as flaws of others. How can nature be so perfect and us humans defective? That’s an oxymoron!
As it stands, if we were an operating system in a computer, we would spend more than 75% of our time looking for something wrong. That would make us an inefficient operating system for the computer. We would spend so much time constantly looking for something wrong that we would not be able to meet the demands a computer user wants to accomplish. Our operating system would be preoccupied with finding something wrong, even if there was nothing wrong.
How did this happen? We have been conditioned to protect ourselves. We inherited a mental model that worries about physical and psychological danger. For example, although nature is perfect, when a volcano erupts, we call it a natural disaster. Yet, when the lava cools, it becomes extremely fertile soil. Nature knows exactly what she is doing and she has a plan. We are not privy to her plan; or so we believe.
Perhaps it is our incessant desire to judge, assess, give opinions and view life with a fear that impedes our ability to see the perfection in nature and ourselves. If I were to remove every human from earth and put you into a rocket ship that orbited the earth for 1 million years, you would see the perfection of nature on earth and how she dances with the universe. Over the course of 1 million years, you would see cycles that happen once a year or every 100, 1,000 and even every 100,000 years.
During that time, there would be many floods, earthquakes, meteors, hurricanes and other phenomena that are categorized as disasters. You would also see animals go extinct and new species arise. Icebergs would melt and reappear. At some point, you would begin to distinguish signals that a volcano is going to erupt or a tornado is coming. In time, it would no longer be chaotic. It would be a symphony. Instead of a disaster, it would be phenomenon that occurs in cycles. That phenomenon would be perfect, even though it appears to disrupt the existing flow.
If we could step back and see the natural cycles in life that occur as part of the process, we could be free to dance with it, instead of fear it. As long as we judge those cycles as wrong or disasters, we will have fear. The same goes for the way we dance with other human beings. Perhaps our judgments and assessments of one another are so heavily influenced by the fear of something being wrong, we are unable to see the beauty and perfection in each of us.
While it may sound as though I have oversimplified a way to approach life, I have not. The most difficult part is unlearning inimical behavior. The biggest challenge to that occurs because some of our thought processes that we believe are our strengths are the ones that create the biggest blind spots. For example, the idea of being tough presupposes you are weak and you have to prove that you are not. This is a self-judgment that impedes developing empowering relationships with others.
The process of unlearning in order to discover how perfect you already are requires a huge commitment. Perhaps the best way to unlearn is to do it with a coach. It would have to be someone who could help you distinguish behaviors that derail you. At the same time, that person would have to supply you with tools that keep you on track. Ideally, it would be best for the people in your community to join you on this journey. Creating a life without judgment, assessment and fear would be more pleasant. And that would make it much easier to enjoy the beauty life offers, even in the face of disruption and uncertainty.
What do you think? I’m open to ideas. Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, connect through my blog www.turnaroundip.blogspot.com.

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