Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Help! - A friend of our community needs us.

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A friend of our community needs our help. Circumstances, likely built up out of fallout from the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting fiasco, have come to roost in a very predictable manner here in Chicago. It's time for the politicians to serve up police officers as the sacrificial lambs to appease the calls for the government to go after Cops accused of mis-conduct. This age old process rears it's ugly head from time to time and sometimes truly undeserving people, serving as peace officers, have to pay the price with their careers. Commander Evans formerly of the 3rd district and currently, until last week, Commander of the 11th district on the west side is the latest victim of the powers that be casting out a policeman to be devoured by the system in the name of "change", right?. WRONG! The system is supposed to go after criminals, not Heroes! As a community warrior Commander Evans does not deserve this. Or, if he does, he deserves our rock solid empathy... and whole-hearted support!
You see, Commander Evans does what most, if not all of us wish we could do - stop dangerous criminals in their tracks and make ‘em run for cover!!! As 003rd dist. commander Evans had the best crime reductions out of all commanders in Chicago, The 3rd district is probably the most intractable district in this city, so that says volumes about Evans’ effectiveness. If we had several duplicates of this man working on the police force, crime would be way down where we want it! Unfortunately, the supply of such individuals is very short and violent criminals seem to be taking over. The street thugs, able to have their voices heard due to a brutally equitable system often get to obstruct peace and progress by using the wheels of justice against the will of the people as a whole. “We the People”, must not let this happen here!
Commander Evans deserves support from all Chicago; As a black man we know he isn't going to get it. Who he is is someone who has given much of his life to stopping those who are dead set to ruin our communities. He's risked his life fighting the evil forces which have brought people to call Chicago "Chiraq"! He himself has been shot while confronting urban terrorists out to have it their way or no way. A Policeman who is out victimizing random innocent people deserves this treatment, not one who has proven such solid worth and remarkable value to society as Commander Evans has. There has to be a trade-off. Who deserves justice here?
I'm not crying out for support for a known criminal, a known abuser of the innocent, a bully of the good working and honest people. This is a man who’s base interest is making the streets and alleyways of Chicago safe for every decent child, student, parent, grand-parent and senior citizen. This is his record! Talk to people out here and you'll find much of the story. Oh, yes, you're definitely going to find his detractors, those who're going to tell you what a bad man he is. Some of his biggest critics will be police officers themselves, most certainly those who should be arrested for theft – receiving a good paycheck for doing nothing but sit on their asses while the city goes to hell in a hand basket. Those type of officers were being harassed by Evans to simply do the job they get paid to do! For those with something negative to say against Evans, I ask you then to consider the source, you’ll see what I mean.
Commander Evans has had tough confrontations with many people, reverends, citizens, politicians, even other policemen. He is not a push-over and has a keen nose for those who try to use their status to walk over people. When you do that with him then you come face to face with a Lion! As long as you're reasonable with him, he returns the favor, as has been my personal experience of him.
Then there are all these people who are lining up to say ‘mean old Evans’ molested them! What about the victims they molested whom Evans was intervening on the behalf of? Do the street terrorists deserve to upset the apple cart? Shooters, gunslingers, dope dealers, sociopaths, thugs and lowlifes who cripple our community daily, invoking paralyzing fear, recklessness and abandon, do they trump the hard fought efforts to give our society a chance to survive, to thrive? Are we supposed to feel empathy for this street punk who by his very actions (standing on the street with a gun) was threatening all of us who might have caught one of his errant bullets whenever he decided to start shooting? Enough is enough! Firemen fight fire with fire to put out the wild blazes in the mountains and elsewhere. Real parents do what they have to do to bring their households under control, the thin line between anarchy and peace are the police (The one's doing their job); let's not forget these realities.
Crime fighting many times becomes a battle of the human will, the will to HOLD THE LINE vs. the will for one to do whatever they damn well please no matter who they hurt maim or kill. I’m not saying what Evans did or didn't do in this case he now finds himself in. He will defend himself with his day in court. What I am saying is who deserves the benefit of the doubt - a pillar of society or a knucklehead with a gun? This is our community folks!
The incident in Ferguson shows us we need people from our community in the heat of the fight to bring peace and tranquility to our neighborhoods. Glen Evans is one such person, with the toughness, the experience and the intelligence to get us through the mire.
Support for such heroes, even when unpopular, who have demonstrated their solid worth to a city, town or community, is vital to the immediate future. I think it very important that we not abandon a known friend and solid advocate of our community. I hope YOU will do all you can to STAND BY GLEN EVANS until justice for all of us is reached. He deserves it, we deserve it!

Please view;
There are dates for the next events in this saga;
September 18, 2014
9:00am at 26th & California,

7:30 in the evening a Police board meeting is being held at Headquarters.

We need YOU and others like you to support this man until it is proven that we do not need to do so. Until we can plainly see he doesn't deserve for us to stand by him, let it remain incumbent, in our hearts, to support one of our own in spirit and indeed until the end.


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