Thursday, September 4, 2014

A solvable problem...ft for the vultures!

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Dearest Neighbors, stakeholders and area advocates,
If you have not already read this please do:

I have asked for help from my neighbors on resolving this problem, or at least mitigating it, so that lives are not lost. I've been met with curiously steep indifference, by so called community grassroots leadership from churches to business owners and community/neighborhood leaders. Several meetings to approach elected officials and police commanders have found woeful attendance, AFTER agreements were made to meet. This is not rocket science, no where close to it. Although there are complex social problems leading to a high crime rate, the issue of bringing down a level of street violence on a strip of 79th street is FUNDAMENTAL!

It's called targeted FOOT PATROL! I've laid out my own personal money and time to help my community attain a level of peace, but the inane politics of this region just won't let it happen! Representatives don't show up, leaders don't return calls or emails. And leadership (I'm not talking about elected folk either) talks out the side of their neck with no support anywhere in sight. Instead of acting like a self respecting "community", teaming up and heading down to 35th & Michigan and demanding service, folks are sneaking around trying to have private meetings with the commander to look out for their own personal nooks of the area.There seems to be no value in working together, laying down egos and getting something accomplished for the common good. This is shameful!

I hear people remarking all the time about why aren't there more Police Officers involved in their communities (in south-side African American Neighborhoods) When I talk among officers they tell me it's because they perceive that there is ZERO community backing of their best interests. Many have concluded there is no "Black Community" to back them period, so they might as well cover their own asses and let the chips fall where they may. Personally I have rejected that mentality because it's always been in me to protect my community no matter what professional job I occupied at the time. I've done it as a Cab Driver, College Student, Social worker, Private Detective, Emergency Worker and Police Officer. To me it's a no-brainer that community residents have to be instrumental in providing public safety where they live, PERIOD!.

People around here seem determined to let other people do their public safety prioritizing instead of getting involved enough to make a difference themselves. If not then they seem to be so caught up in personal ego gratification where they don't, can't, won't use their common sense to work with their residential peers (Neighbors) towards a mutual benefit of peace in the land. Folks this is disgusting! The silly assed politicians want to be friends with everybody and not hold public officials accountable for lives lost among us. Many the poor lives lost are not connected to those who matter around here, is that the point I'm missing?

So, I'm at a point of exasperation, like the kid in the u-tube video. "Murders Row" is very likely to continue on, unabated. This is so ridiculous that I'm at the point of throwing up! When are we gonna get a grip?

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