Thursday, August 1, 2013

A 'Porch Light Festival' - Join us for 'National Night Out', Tuesday August 6th, 2013, 7-10pm. 7300 Block of Drexel

Dear Neighbor,
National Night Out is coming this Tuesday.
The situation across AMERICA, let alone Chicago, is what is going to be done about ALL this senseless violence sweeping the land.
As I've said all along, In the words of the late, great, James Brown -"Get into it, get involved!"
The national night of celebrating neighborly love, support and collaboration is almost here.
There are a litany of excuses for why one isn't on the front line helping their neighbors to solve these problems.
We must shrug off the minor apprehensions we feel because we think;
A) We don't have the time,
B) We don't like to go to meetings,
C) We like to stay to ourselves,
D) We don't "see what good it's doing" to be involved.
E) Black folks aren't going to stick together.
These are the excuses of the lame and the useless!
We must act! There is no other answer for what must be done at this time. We must build capacity (in otherwards use our creativity and intelligence to create and improve our circumstances). The start-all and end-all of building capacity is getting to know and love thy neighbor! The absence of any effort in this area defies the wisdom, teachings and love of the almighty in every  sense. Hence, it is a sin to not do these things for YOUR neighbor.
Hesitation kills! Indecisiveness paralyzes! Procrastination equals death & destruction. It's time to fellowship for the right reasons.
National Night Out comes but once a year. We owe it to our families and all those we commerate with the pouring of libations at Kwanza time to stand up and be counted, as neighbors, by each other and for each other.
  • This Tuesday, August 6th, 2013
  • 7pm to 10pm,
  • In the 7300 Block of South Drexel
Think positive!
Be pro-active!
Do the right thing!
Brad O. Redrick,

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