Thursday, May 9, 2013

Textbook Funding May Be Available for Your School!

Yesterday's textbook funding action alert contained an error. The Senate textbook bill was mislabeled. The correct Senate bill number is SB 2152. We have corrected the web site and email message provided in the ICAN link, so please go ahead with using it to contact your legislators and urge their support:

The EASIEST WAY to participate is to click here to send a pre-written email or letter to your state senator and state representative.

EVERY SCHOOL: Please contact your State Representative and Senator and urge them to support funding in the budget for next fiscal year! Your school LAP can coordinate the outreach, be it through meeting, phone call or letter. You can identify your state Representative and Senator by clicking here.

(Or, click here to go to the Illinois General Assembly website and click on Legislator Lookup in the lower half of the page. Or call our office: 312-368-1066)

Please get as many school families and parishioners as possible to participate in this effort.

WE NEED YOU: Your support of this initiative is essential -- please be sure your lawmakers hear from you and your school community!

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