Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Help stop the handouts for big corporations

It seems like every week we hear more threats of budget cuts from the politicians in Springfield. But they can't seem to get their priorities straight: Instead of closing the loopholes that big corporations use to duck their fair share of taxes, the politicians push to cut the things that matter instead, like money for schools, care for the elderly and individuals with disabilities, health care and good jobs.

A bill pending in the Illinois General Assembly would close three of the worst loopholes, including those that reward big corporations for creating jobs in other states -- and even overseas! Eliminating these wasteful loopholes would save nearly half a billion dollars each year.

Tax loopholes for big corporations are wasteful and inefficient. If you want your tax dollars to support priorities like schools and public safety -- not Big Business profits and CEO pay -- take a moment to send a message to your legislators at CloseLoopholesNow.org.
William McNary
Citizen Action/Illinois

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