Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting Internships At GenTech!

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GenTech Internships
For College & High School Students

Dear Parent or College Student:
Do you know a high school Junior or Senior who needs Community Service Credits towards graduation? Or, are you a College Student looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the world of high tech?
GenTech Digital Media & Technology Center has a number of exciting Internships in our new School-to-College-to-Career Program!
Successful Interns become eligible for paid Internships at the GenTech Summer Camp!
GenTech offers Saturday classes to students in grades 1st thru 12th in the fun fields of Video Game Design, 2-D and 3-D Animation, XBox Game Design, Web Design, App Development, Robotics, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, and more! The classes all include instruction in math and computer programming.
Interns work on Saturdays on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago for 2 - 6 hours - depending on their schedule!
Applicants should have excellent writing and speaking skills.
Positions are open for:
Social Media Interns - Master and develop social media skills while getting the word out about exciting GenTech programs, activities, and upcoming events!
Webmasters - Future web designers develop their skills by refreshing the GenTech website and adding updates!
Graphic Design Interns - Develop a portfolio for college apps and resumes using your creative flair to design brochures, fliers, and emails!
Copy Writer Interns - Future journalists begin to create their portfolios by writing blogs, articles, and commercials for radio and TV!
Video Production Interns - Create videos and produce podcasts for GenTech classes! Skype in guest speakers from around the world!
Event Planner Interns - Plan and put on exciting and creative events and productions while getting experience in project management!
Geek Squad Interns - Start building your resume and getting experience while computerizing GenTech operations through your amazing knowledge of programming!
Math Tutor Interns - Future teachers build skills working with elementary and middle school students to help them improve math skills!
Computer Programming Interns - Strengthen your skills while helping other students understand various programming languages!
Financial Assistant Interns - Future entrepreneurs or business people can sharpen their skills by helping keep track of the money!
Welcome Committee Interns - Future Public Realtions professional will enjoy welcoming new and prospective students and parents to the GenTech program!
GenTech Ambassadors - Goodwill abounds with your winning personality sharing information in your school about the fun and rewarding GenTech classes and programs!
Teacher Assistant Interns - Future teachers can grow assisting GenTech teachers set up and take down computers, grading papers and recording scores, and other classroom duties!
Internships begin Saturday, December 1, 2012 and run through June 8, 2013. Community Service Credits must be approved by the student's school prior to beginning the Internship.
To apply, students should send an email consisting of two paragraphs using FULL, PROPERLY WRITTEN AND PUNCTUATED SENTENCES with the following:
1. Introduction - Name, school, grade, age, phone number, (future) college major (if applicable), future career goals, and Internship of interest.
2. Why they think they would be excellent in the Internship role of their choice.
These are exciting times at GenTech - and our Interns will be part of the fun!
Emails should be sent to:
Deadline: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 5 pm
Please share with everyone you know. No phone calls, please.
GenTech is a Digital Media & Technology Center with a mission to engage, empower, and educate youth and teens to creatively integrate digital media and technology into their academic and personal lives in preparation for 21st century colleges, careers, and entrepreneurship.
GenTech helps students expand their horizons through developing the confidence to explore, the intelligence to discover, and the leadership to build with excellence.
Our students are well-positioned for entry into top digital media and technology programs in colleges and universities around the country.

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