Monday, November 19, 2012

Call in Support of Senate Bill 282 - The Illinois Corporate Tax Disclosure Act

Call in Support of Senate Bill 282 - The Illinois Corporate Tax
Disclosure Act
Entire Church Group at St. Mark United Methodist Church
Message from: Owinda Marchbanks
Hello St. Markers!

Now that we've gotten President Obama another term! WE ARE YET IN NEED OF YOUR HELP!

In the wake of the millions of dollars of tax give-aways to Illinois' mega corporations, Illinois residents are asking for fair taxation for all Illinois corporations. The Illinois General Assembly held hearings in 2011 about corporate taxation, yet everyone is missing an obvious piece of information: how much do specific corporations actually pay in state income taxes?

SB 282 is a simple piece of legislation that provides for transparency. It asks that all publicly-traded corporations disclose the amount of income taxes they pay to the State of Illinois.
  • According to the Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, 2/3 of Illinois corporations pay no corporate taxes to the state of Illinois.
  • Illinois is in a revenue crisis, and cutting money for Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and Public School funding is not the answer! We need to have a fair and just system where legislators and policy-makers understand WHO is paying how much, so that EVERYONE pays their fair share!
SB 282 is a first step in ensuring a fair corporate tax system in Illinois. It̢۪s sound fiscal policy.


St. Mark UMC, as well as many of our parishioners, live within the 34th Congressional District of the State Legislature. We met with State Representative Elgie Sims, Jr., located at 8729 So. State Street (as well as others,) We need you to contact his office at 773-783-8800 to ask Rep. Sims to co-sponsor and endorse this Bill, SB 282. If you are not in this District, PLEASE call your District Representative and ASK them to do the SAME! We need you to ACT IMMEDIATELY! For this Bill will be coming up to be voted on November 27th! MAKE YOUR CALL COUNT!

Please contact Rev. Morgan and/or Min. Luther Mason, Leaders of SOUL (Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation) for more information!

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