Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank You!

A thank you goes out to Martin Lewis, Martin was recently robbed at the McDonald's restaurant on 79th and King Dr. of his laptop and has decided to move on. We thank Martin for all of his hard work with the blog and wish him the best. We will continue to list and disseminate information via our blog, while we continue to upgrade our website. Again, thank you Martin.

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ifiworld said...

I thank all of you, residents and readers of this blog for the support and alliegance to this site and its contents. And of course to Mr. and Mrs. Keith Tate for allowing me into their home to produce and create this blog for the Chatham community. I also wish to thank Ms. Maryellen Drake for her support with the rank and file members of the Council for this blog. And I do encourage everyone in Chatham to continue to follow the blog and contribute from time to time. I wish all of you well as I move on to other endevours.--Martin Lewis.