Monday, March 16, 2009

Sub-Area III Meeting

Chatham Avalon Park Communit Council
A Sub-Area III Meeting
It is imperative that you attend this meeting, your participation
is critical and necessary for the survival and growth of our
community. We are seeking your attendance and input.
Numerous items which have a terrific impact on you and our
total community will be addressed.

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009
Place: Chatham Fields Lutheran Church
8050 South St. Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60619
Time: 6:30 p.m. until 8:00pm


I. Opening Keith Tate
II. Introduction of Sub-Area Vice President Maryellen Drake
III. Sub-Area III Update Candice Calhoun
IV. Crime Prevention Update 6th District Police Dept.
V. Dolce Social Club Proposal Jonathan Herring
VI. Money Matters Yolanda Fabre-Shiloh
VII. Upcoming Events Candice Calhoun
VIII.. Adjournment

Keith Tate, Maryellen Drake,
President CAPCC Executive Vice CAPCC

Candace Calhoun
Vice President Sub-Area III

For more information, please contact the CAPCC office at 1-866-272-1215
or visit our blog at
or our website at

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Worlee Glover said...

I find it terribly sad when an individual has to resort to lying and making false accusations. The purported owner of Freshmart Foods took the opportunity to disrespect the community by lying. He has never attempted to contact me for any sort of meeting. This man could not identify me if I stood right in front of him because he has never met me. I have never been in his store nor do I or any of my family members plan to darken the doorsteps of his store.