Tuesday, January 24, 2017

URGENT: Oppose legalizing silencers in Illinois

The Illinois Senate is considering a bill that would threaten the safety of our communities by making handguns even more dangerous. Senate Bill 50 will legalize silencers - the perfect accessory for a criminal who wants to conceal a crime. How can the General Assembly even consider passing this dangerous legislation following a year Chicago saw over 700 people fallen to gun violence?

SB50, the Silencer Bill, has been posted for a committee hearing on Wednesday, January 25 at 9 am. Here is what we need you to do:

1.) Click on the link below and follow the instructions to complete a witness slip to go on record as an opponent of this bill.

2.) Call your State Senator and urge them to vote "NO" on SB 50. If you cannot speak to your State Senator, leave a voicemail or a message with their staff. To find your state Senator and his/her contact information, enter your zip code + 4 by clicking here.

3.) Share this email with all of your friends and family in Illinois. Ask everyone to fill out witness slips and call their state senator!

If you would like to do more to help, please click here and call and/or email state senators on this list. The senators whose emails are highlighted in yellow must be contacted via the links to their websites.

Silencers have no place on our streets and in our communities. Legalizing silencers is the top priority for the gun lobby this session in Illinois. The Illinois General Assembly should be focusing on bills to reduce gun violence, not pandering to the gun lobby!

Please take action. Right now 770 people have filled out witness slips to support legalizing silencers, while only 11 have filled them out in opposition. We need to change that! The future of this bill is in our hands; let's make our voices heard!

Thank you for working to make a safer society!

  1. Click on this link to go to the witness slip form for SB 50.
  2. Under Section I, fill in your identification information.
  3. Under Section II, write "self" to file as an individual.
  4. In Section III, select "Opponent."
  5. In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only."
  6. Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement
  7. Select the "Create Slip" button.
You are done!

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