Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey, How About This?!

Do you think the Chatham Market should have golf pro shops and ski pro shops and the 84Th and King Drive vacant lot should be developed into an indoor year-round ice skating rink with an attached ski school for the winter and a golf school for the spring and summer? Leave your comments on the comment line.


Cheryl said...

I think the space on 84th and King Drive would be a great resource for students to have a safe haven to learn science after school and on weekends and have art or music classes. Students need something productive after school besides basketball. Tutoring services could also be provided.

worlee said...

Well you need to go to the following site The church owns the property so you need to direct your questions and concerns about the property to them.

JP Paulus said...

Not enough land for a ski school.

Worlee is right about what the plans are (i.e. Park Manor).

How about this: the land i believe CAPCC owns next to the gas station(and please correct me if needed)

HOw about making that a community garden during the summer and/or ice rink during the winter?