Tuesday, May 1, 2018

74 & 75 St. Lawrence Block Alert

74th & 75th & St. Lawrence
Block Alert April 11, 2018
Artrice Clark is the new property owner of the building at 606 East 75th Street next door to Marlon’s. ( where the travel agency and Laristo’s was)

He is planning to open a Black Hen Pantry which is like a 7 Eleven, or White Hen Pantry as soon as possible.  The hours would be 8am-8pm. This would be where the travel agency was located.

He wants to open up a lounge where Laristo’s use to be.  They will be open 7 days a week.

At the meeting at the alderman’s office yesterday, it was mentioned that it is a good thing to bring responsible black business to the community.  There is also a need to address weakness and strengths on how the business will affect the community and have a plan of action for your weakness.   
As a community, Artrice Clark did not address an action plan for:
o   Parking 7 days a week (how this affect the community)
o   Loitering on our block after customers leave his establishment.
o   Garbage left on the blocks within the 250 feet radius of the establishment.
o   Those that use the alley like it is a bathroom.
o   How he plans to give back to the community.ie (sponsor a youth baseball team, offer discount to the community)

However he mentioned that he wants it to be a place where the community can come and have a nice time with a jukebox and sometime live entertainment.
The Alderman Sawyer (773 635-0006), Darlene Tribue, Community President and the new owner Artrice Clark  all three needs to hear from you in writing or via phone before the next court date.  

Court date is Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10am in the morning at City Hall for the owner to get a variance for lounge.

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