Thursday, March 15, 2018

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On Thursday March 1, 2018, members of the Chicago Police Department and I announced the integration of"new technology", "ShotSpotter", that has been effective in reducing crime.ShotSpotteris a new real-time GPS-equipped system that will pick up sounds of gunshots that were fired. These acoustic devices have been placed throughout the City including the 9th Ward.
In the 5th Police District (Calumet), there will be a station-based Strategic Decision Support Center (SDSC), district-wide ShotSpottergunshot detection system and Police Observation Devices (POD) crime cameras.
ShotSpotter can detect gunfire accurately, provide increased situational awareness to first responders, and integrate seamlessly with existing security systems for enhanced campus/facility security, providing:
- Exact number of shots fired
- Precise, real-time shooting locations displayed on outdoor maps and interior building floor plans
- Validated audio clip of the shooting
- Seamless integration with security systems - cameras, access control, mass notification, etc
- Mobile alerts delivered on smartphones and tablets
- An affordable, subscription-based managed-service solution including maintenance, support, and upgrades at no additional cost
We are excited about this new technology that is apart of the Chicago Police Department'ssmart policing strategy.“Before, someone would hear gunshots, wait five minutes, then report the call,” he said. “They would give us the area where the think the shots came from. This pinpoints where this shots came from and we can respond quicker" says CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson. It has been reported thatshootings are down by nearly 34 percent across all eight police districts using the toolscompared to the same period last year.
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