Monday, July 15, 2013

Enough is Enough 2013!!

 Enough is Enough!! Let’s Work for




                      How can you and I participate   ?                                                     


·      Get involved in positive Community Activites & Initiatives.

·      Teach our youth and adults

    Violence is not the answer.

·       Mentor, encourage & engage Youth.

·       Respect ourselves & respect others.

  *   Report harassment & bullying

 immediately to Law Enforcement.

·      Create safe havens,  institute

zero tolerance programs and immediate  counseling for

negative & violent actions

in our schools and other social activities & settings.

·      establish job training programs

·      Work on Economic Development

    and Job Creation initiatives.

·      Work on building safe, viable and substainable communities.

·      Stop shooting & killing people

·      Partner with & respect Law


·      Work toward overcoming adversity and re-building the village (our community).

·      Support and hold our Elected

officials accountable for legislation that will foster viable,

safe, substainable communities.






For more information, on how you can join us, please contact the CAPCC (Chatham Avalon Park Community Council) Office at 1-866-272-1215.



“Addressing Quality of Life Issues Is

  What We Do, Since 1955”





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