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RISE UP ON TUESDAY MAY 7, 2013 6:30PM & CALL FOR CLARITY ON THE JOBS, CAREERS, CONTRACTS: Citizens Coalition on the Grand Crossing Railroad Project

Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues,

Do not let your families be insulted again. Scroll down to the blue highlighting below and ask yourself how many times you've heard the claim of "jobs to come" used to justify the investment of your tax dollars in enterprises and infrastructure here in Chicago?

Well, no one would be more delighted than us should the 300 jobs promised below materialize. Yet to ensure that they do, our engagement is needed. We must 1) follow the money 2) demand transparency 4) insist on knowing exactly what jobs and contracts are planned 3) refuse to take No for an answer 4) persist till victory. Join us for our regular 1st Tuesday meeting, May 7th, 6:30-8:30pm at ETA, 75th & South Chicago Avenue, as we begin drafting our Community Benefits Negotiation Points & Direct Action Campaign.

The Citizens Coalition on the Grand Crossing Railroad Project continues to stand in solidarity and share concerns with our Englewood allies as they press their case for environmental protections and fairness in Norfolk Southern home/land purchases. And they stand with us as we press our case for railroad careers and contracts. They're here to stay: They must pay. "The South Side 13" - NORFOLK SOUTHERN and the 12 CREATE railroad companies - AND THEIR SUPPLY CHAINS must account to us.

Please be present on Tuesday, May 7th as we advance our direct action campaign for - among other community benefits - delivery of the jobs, careers, and contracts promised to the community by the City and the railroads. Join a committee, recruit a neighbor.

If you're busy, RISE UP and tell a friend.
If you're jobless, RISE UP for your career training.
If you're underemployed, RISE UP to increase your household income.
If you're employed, RISE UP for your neighbor.
If you're retired, RISE UP for your grandchildren.
If you're just plain tired, RISE UP for the dignity of our ancestors and let them see their blood was not shed in vain.
If you're ashamed of how your people have been lied to and pushed aside, RISE UP and claim what you know you deserve.
If you see the storm coming, and have the wisdom to be on the right side of change, RISE UP and SHOW UP and ACT UP until their billions in annual railroad profit are reinvested in the health/wealth of the people whose neighborhoods and tax dollars they need, use, and abuse. HAVE SOME PRIDE, MY PEOPLE: WE WERE NOT BORN FOR THE BOTTOM!

April 24, 2013
Mayor’s Press Office
(312) 744-3334
Growing Home Organic Farm Expansion Will Triple Farm’s Produce in a Chicago Food Desert,
Increase Economic Activity in Community
Standing with the staff and farm stand customers of the Growing Home urban, organic
farm, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, today highlighted the new project as one example of the more
than $363 million in public and private investments in greater Englewood. These
investments are helping establish one of the nation’s largest urban agricultural districts,
expanding industrial and housing opportunities, and coordinating open space development
throughout the community. The public and private investments in Englewood will lead to
thousands of new jobs in construction, food production, transportation, and other
“The purpose of Chicago Neighborhoods Now investments is to bring the public and private
sectors together to help targeted neighborhoods across the city achieve their potential,”
Mayor Emanuel said.“By investing in the expansion of community projects like Growing
Home, we are making more strategic use of Englewood’s assets and proving that when the
city, public sector and neighborhood residents come together, there is no limit to what we
can accomplish.”
For example, Growing Home and the City worked together to utilize city-owned vacant lots
to expand to 1.5 acres. Growing Home is also quadrupling its workforce training initiatives
to 80 people per year and tripling its produce output to 40,000 pounds of produce per year,
much of which will be sold to local residents.
“The growth of urban agriculture in Englewood and throughout Chicago means more fresh
food, but it also means more workforce training, more income for participants, and more
productive uses for vacant land,” said Harry Rhodes, Growing Home executive director.
Growing Home is also participating in a recently announced farmer incubation network
that is helping to train individuals for the urban farms of tomorrow. More than 40 acres of
land are envisioned for agriculture-related uses in Englewood, primarily along the
“Englewood Line,” a three-mile-long abandoned railroad viaduct adjacent to 59th Street
that’s being planned as both a linear park and the spine of the Englewood agriculture
Overall, the Growing Home project is one of multiple productive uses that are leveraging
the approximately 2,500 City-owned vacant lots in Englewood. Other City-owned land, is
being planned for new housing, retail, recreational, and industrial opportunities, primarily
through the Department of Housing and Economic Development’s (DHED) forthcoming
“Green Healthy Neighborhoods” plan, and through the cooperation of community based
agencies like Neighborhood Housing Services, the NeighborSpace land trust, and the Local
Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).
Norfolk Southern railroad, for example, is purchasing more than 100 City-owned lots to
double the size of its 47th Street intermodal facility, which will create more than 300
permanent jobs for the community. The $285 million project is expected to start later this
year, followed by additional industrial investments that will enhance the area’s viability for
distribution and warehousing.
The $23.5 million Hope Manor II apartments will provide 73 units of affordable veterans’
apartments after it opens next year on 25 parcels of formerly City-owned land. Also
supported by $1.9 million loan and $16.7 million in tax credit equity from the City, the 2.3-
acre Volunteers of America project is scheduled to break ground Thursday, April 25th, at
6000 S. Halsted Street.
The City’s Micro Market Recovery Program, which helps to stabilize neighborhoods
impacted by the foreclosure crises, is also active in Englewood. In the last 18 months, the
program has allocated $2.7 million in public funds to acquire and rehabilitate more than
100 local homes.
Other recent and planned public investments include improvements to Lindblom High
School Career Academy; renovations to Holmes and Henderson elementary schools; the
creation of a protected bike lane along three miles of Damen Avenue; and new mixed-use
development at 63rd and Halsted streets.
The Chicago Neighborhoods Now initiative includes Englewood, Pullman, Rogers Park,
Uptown, Little Village, Bronzeville, and the Eisenhower Corridor. These areas were identified
by City departments and sister agencies that convened together to discuss how
past, current, and future projects can foster quality-of-life synergies for area residents and

Naomi Davis, JD LEED GA
President & Founder
BIG: Blacks in Green™

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