Monday, December 17, 2012

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Dear neighbor,
Shootings on Church steps...during service! Panic has gripped many. Will we endure much longer? As a culture?, A people?
As a neighborhood & community???

Many people you talk to have given up hope and faith the African Americans living in Chicago have any kind of a decent future.
People in most areas of Chicago are afraid of us, believe we have no sense of true community...are lazy and incompetent...
and unworthy neighbors.

The mega planners, developers and scavengers of opportunities, and abandoned dreams, are circling in the sky like vultures.

Our neighborhood lies below, vulnerable like never before.

Will we endure much longer? Can we endure much longer? That is the question!

Can the 'faithful few', as we are finding there are, mount a solid defense of what's left...what's sacred... and valuable...of hope at all?

Were we ever really worth it, did we ever really have a community??

The responsibility is on we who are here, right now,....and who know better!

There is no looking past those who are responsible......We are responsible! And there are those of us who choose to endure.
After a year of great ups and downs, it's time to come together again for a renewal of community spirit... and hope! It's almost
Kwanzaa time!

Kwanzaa and the N'Guzo saba were developed to help us sustain ourselves as a community of people. It's purpose is to give
us sound community principles to live aim at and abide by, in addition to our Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhist...
even agnostic beliefs.

Our ceremony also serves as a meet & greet for our local community leaders, devotees and passionate advocates.

As we enter the "teen years" of this decade there is a challenge, ripe for the taking - a massive community turnaround!
This is why I ask YOU to support this year's Kwanzaa celebration of the Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network, in
person, or in deed. Please make your shared cost donation of $12 per adult and $25 per household family a.s.a.p.- before
times get tough with the holiday season.

This year's event;
Friday December 28th, 2012
Grand Crossing Park Field House
7655 S. Ingleside
5:30 - 8:30pm
  • Awards
  • Meet and greet
  • Ceremony
  • Door prizes
  • Dedication
  • Recognition
  • Food & Fun
Come together!
Grand Crossing Park Kwanzaa 2012!

Brad O. Redrick,

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