Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog Question

Would you like to see, for the sake of Chatham rebuilding itself, a Costo at 84Th & King Drive, a luxury 5-star hotel of about 12 stories at 79Th & State Street, a health and fitness club at 79Th & Rhodes Avenue, a Starbucks at 79Th & St. Lawrence Avenue and at the former newsstand at the 79Th Street CTA Red Line Station and bike lanes with bike racks on 79Th Street between State Street and Cottage Grove Avenue and on King Drive between 75Th Street and 87Th Street. Leave your comments on the comment line.


che'menju said...

Who's working on this economic plan?

Is this something the alderman is doing and hasn't told us?

Worlee Glover said...

This is not a plan this is something that an uninformed blogger is wishing.

All the properties mentioned in the post are owned by entities in the community who have discussed their redevelopment plans that the blogger apparently hasn't heard or is just not interested in hearing.

JP Paulus said...

i would like to see a CAPCC meeting info posted more than 26 hours ahead of time. i just posted info on a meeting for today on thesixthward blog

i would also like to see CAPCC actually respond to comments.

Reagarding their proposals

1. Costco is too big for 84th & King

2. There is already such a hotel planned for 85th & Lafayette. Might be smart to actually let that be built & work before expanding

3. Health Club -- up to the community. A CURVES on 79th near the El might be better

4. Stabucks at St. Laurence - only if there's enough people going to keep it in business.

5. Starbocks at the El -- i would rather have an extended wait area for the bus, instead of fighting the crowds when i try to walk eats on 79th

6. Bike lanes might be nice, but i think the side streets are safe enough to ride