Monday, July 20, 2009

Chitown CSA Complimentary Produce Tasting - Pearl's Place

Chitown CSA community supported agriculture)

Pearl’s Place 3901 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL
Thursday, July 23, 2009 6pm to 8:30pm
Delicious Recipes Prepared by Chef Vino

RSVP by July 22nd: 773/213-5383 or

Membership Choice Number of Wks Price Full Pymt or Wkly
1 share 14 wks-1 bushel $635 or $45.36/wk
1/2 share 14 wks-½ bushel $375 or $26.79/wk
1 share 7 wk-1 bushel $375 or $53.57/bi-wk
1/2 share 7 wk-½ bushel $195 or $27.86/bi-wk

Products Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Products Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Products Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Asparagus Heart of Gold Winter Squash Radishes
Acorn Squash Honey Dew Melon Romaine Lettuce
Apples Hot Peppers Snow Peas
Beets Head Lettuce Specialty Melons
Bell Peppers Kohlrabi Strawberries
Broccoli Kale Sweet Corn
Brussel Sprouts Leeks Sweet Peppers
Butternut Squash Leaf Lettuce Tomatoes(Grape)
Buttercup Squash Onions Tomatoes(Cherry)
Cabbage Peaches Tomatoes(Beefsteak)
Cauliflower Muskmelon Tomatoes(Roma)
Cucumbers (Sliced) New Potatoes Turnips
Eggplant Okra Watermelon
Indian Corn Pickle Cucumbers Yellow Sum Squash
Garden Onions Popcorn Zucchini
Green Beans Pumpkins(Pie) Carrots
Green Tomatoes Pumpkins(Jack-o-Lan) Spinach

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