Friday, May 1, 2009

Superintendent Weis comes to Chatham

The Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Jody Weis came to Chatham on
Friday May 1, 2009. With Alderwoman Lyle, Assistant Superintendent, Jame Jackson,
Deputy Dana Alexander, Commander Eddie Johnson, Glen Brooks Jr., Caps coordinator
and many other command staff. Members of Chatham Avalon, Park Manor, business owners
residents, greeted and walked with the superintendent through the community. Businesses,
and residents expressed concerns. Superintendent Weis expressed his concern and willeness
to address and resolve all concerns. Although it was cloudy the sun kept trying to break through and did, it was a very positive and impacting evening for all in attendance.


Worlee Glover said...

Thats fine he walked through the neighborhood but what is he going to do to solve the crime problem. It seems that the only solution the CPD has for the southside is to make neighborhoods look like "little Beirut" by installing cameras everywhere.

ifiworld said...

Chatham is now worst that Detroit.

ifiworld said...

I think Chatham suffers in two areas: (1) the massive and incessant crime wave, and (2) tons of black dudes, young, middle-aged, and old, milling about and around Chatham will nothing to do, except to panhandle and harass, leading to crime. The solution is the deployment of the National Guard to help the police. The Guard with a round-up would end all this. (As they did after the 1968 MLK riots where 1600 people in Chatham were arrested for looting and arson. The Guard was stationed in Chatham for 2 and 1/2 weeks up and down 79th Street from State Street to Cottage Grove Avenue.) Surveillance cameras already in place are good, needed and in proper positions. Now bring in the National Guard to mop up the situation.