Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Have A Promise & A Gift For You

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Back to School Special!
Dear Parent: Prof3
I want to make a PERSONAL PROMISE to you.
I PROMISE GenTech can help your child:
  • Improve test scores
  • Learn critical technical skills
  • Build more effective learning skills
  • Meet or Surpass their expectations - and yours
after taking just ONE 16-week course at GenTech!
I can make this promise because I have 35 years experience doing this with literally thousands of students. You will see MEASURABLE RESULTS. If not, your child can take an additional GenTech class FREE OF CHARGE.
This is not hype. This is the truth proven by our 3rd grade students doing college-level work; in-school teachers remarking at how GenTech students' grades and attitudes dramatically improve; how our parents and students repeatedly and consistently rate GenTech 100%
at meeting or surpassing their expectations.
Another truth? We use Video Game Design, Animation, Robotics and more as "hooks" to teach students serious subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Physics, and Programming. They apply these skills to their GenTech projects AND their academics, science projects, and other school activities significantly reflecting higher qualities of work.
The Testimonials on our website (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001kOJdWuNqtIAtfCMnrxLIo4q0GVMVNAux0hWp6mRJhH1aj3cK4TwBcFeM6oV8LKd5qjISmOQFOZTn85MqWwatLHXyeSk-iGZooIicb7UxzbM=) represent just a few of the outstanding results. The new ones to be posted soon are astounding - especially where our students show what they are beginning to do with their skills such as:
  • be admitted to competitive colleges and universities, and
  • launch incredible businesses with the skills learned at GenTech
Costly? For some of us. And, I will help as much as possible if you call and let me know that you really want this for your child and can handle some of it, but not all. While we cannot offer the program for free, we will be happy to help the best we can. You'll never know if you don't ask.
The benefits are almost immeasurable. The results are simply incredible.
Give GenTech a try. Even one GenTech class is better than none.
Your child deserves the chance to believe in his or her own potential.
As an extra incentive, we are offering a 50% discount on tuition with our Matching Grant Program AND I will personally pay an additional $300 toward the remaining tuition. We will make comfortable payments arrangements for the balance. But, I can only afford to do this for 5 students.
We will be making our second round of purchases for our students' materials and supplies soon. So, ACT NOW!!! Classes begin Saturday, September 15th - and the XBox 360 Game Design class is already full. Don't miss out on the rest!
First, call your family and friends and tell them about this offer. Then, call me at
773-324-7772. Or, click here Info@mygentech.net to request information.
You have nothing to lose - and your child has a lifetime of success to gain.
I hope you're having a Happy Labor Day weekend! I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Debra E. Thompson
Executive Director
GenTech is a not-for-profit, independent educational organization.
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Good for - - Three-Hundred and 00/100 dollars - - - $300.00
toward Tuition for the Fall Session, 2012
Saturday Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Signed: Debra E. Thompson, Executive Director
Our Promise
Higher Academic Achievement Thru The Power of Video Games!
CALL TODAY OR EMAIL TODAY! 773-324-7772 Info@mygentech.net

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