Thursday, September 30, 2010



Congratulations, Gabrielle! You're enrolled in the Fall 2010 Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C... Your session information and current account balance are below. WE'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

Wow, everyone the time has come for Gabrielle's fundraising period. I received confirmation that our initial down payment of $350.00 was credited to Gabrielle's conference tuition account four days ago. Trv remainder of the balance is to be paid through two remaining payments of $770.00 due August13, 2010 and the remaining balance due September 1, 2010. From now through October 28, 2010 there will bean opportunity for you to give toward her Junior National Young Leaders Conference, but in order for her to attend the tuition must be covered by August 13, 2010 $ 770.00 and September 1, 2010.remaining balance due.

The conference will consist of six days of leadership training:

Day One Voices of Leadership

The Leader Within: Insights into Leadership The Impact of Leadership Traits



Goal Setting

Problem Solving



Day Two Voices of Freedom

Field Study Experience: Behind the Scenes of History and


The News Museum: The Interactive Museum of News on

America's Main Street

Around and About Capitol Hill: Walking Tour and Photo


Leadership Focus Groups

"Capturing the Experience" Reflection Activities

Freedom of Expression: Opinions and Decisions

Day Three Voices of Struggle

Travel to Harpers Ferry - Site of a Civil War Rebellion

Testing the Times: Would You Follow John Brown?

YOUR CONFERENCE COSTS Conference Tuition: $1,910.00 Travel (to and from conference): $772.90 (Gabrielle and her Mother (Debra) Lodging $88.20 per night (five nights for Debra) Incidentals (phone calls, souvenirs) & Lunches and Dinner: $164.00 (six days for Debra, 2 days lunches for Gabrielle) $100.00 for incidentals Pay Pal #

Choices and Consequences: Loyalties and the American

Civil War

History One-on-One Discovery Experience

"Capturing the Experience" Reflection Activities

Facing the Music: The Impact of Freedom of Speech

Day Four Voices of Courage

Tributes of Valor and Sacrifice: Tour of Our Nation's


Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Field Study Experience: National Museum of American


The Residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

White House Photo Opportunity

"Capturing the Experience" Reflection Activities

The Process of Social Activism

Day Five Voices of Change

Leaders Take a Stand: Student Collaborative Projects

Leadership in Action: Closing Keynote Speaker

A Learning Adventure

Day Six Taking Leadership Home: The Road Ahead

Making a Difference at Home

We, the Future: Continuing the Voices of Leadership


Your Savings: $5.55

Family Contributions: $500.00

Total Available Funds: $500


Conference Costs: $3,353.00

Available Funds: $500

Debra Banks

Citibank Savings Account for Deposits only # 58000334988 Gabrielle Banks

Make Checks Payable to South East Community Housing Association 8153 S. Rhodes Chgo. II. 60619

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