Friday, September 24, 2010


Open Letter to Mayor Richard M. Daley: Since you are retiring, you could prompt the next mayor to put in a bid for the Summer Olympic Games for Chicago (2020 is absolutely out of the question) for 2024 or 2028, and have built many luxury residences like the 90-story Trump Tower where the former site of the Sun-Times was--many IOC members, themselves the world's rich and famous are former sportsmen (not the highly paid professional athletes in the United States since the beginning of the big-money era of 1985 onward), many of them are billionaires who really don't need a bonus salary contract, who simply won't live in Chicago with all its harsh and brutal winters if there are no real luxurious places for them to live--like the jet-set in New York City. You got to have a place where Mick Jagger, Prince Albert of Monaco, and the high-end polo players of Argentina, would buy a multi-million dollar condo apartment, for example. And real places for them to seriously party year-round. Have the next mayor listen to Donald Trump, SERIOUSLY!

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