Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Question

Should Chatham band together and approach Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Bill Cosby, about being benefactors to facility development in Chatham with an all-new state-of-the-art athletic and aquatic center that is superbly well equipped with a fitness center, weight room, indoor tennis courts and with Olympic-size swimming and diving pools and NBA league-type basketball courts, at 79Th & Rhodes, an indoor ice-skating rink at 84Th & King Drive, a two-story "Bucktown-Wicker Park"-type public library at 79Th & King Drive, a YMCA and YWCA right next to each other at 76Th & South Chicago, and a Starbuck's at 79Th & St. Lawrence? Leave your comments on the comment line.


ifiworld said...

It would be nice if the Tiger Woods Foundation would build a learning emporium with computer labs at 79th & St. Lawrence with indoor golf school and golf clinic.

worlee said...

Why should he build anything in our community? We don't participate or support the programs he is supporting. How many kids from this community are participating in the junior golf programs he pays for at South Shore and Jackson Park golf courses?

che'menju said...

Actually, Worlee, Tiger Woods does not pay for any golf programs at Jackson Park or South Shore. The Jackson Park Junior Golf called the Bobolinks is run and funded by the Chicago Womens Golf Club and we pay a golf professional, Emanual Worley to teach over 50 kids every summer to play golf. This is dear to me because I am a member of the Chicago Womens Golf Club. We are the oldest Black
Womens Golf Club in the midwest. We were just inducted into the Afro American Golfers Hall of Fame. The South Shore Golf Program called First Tee is run and funded by the PGA. Tiger Woods program is run out of Florida.

You would think by now, Tiger would have figured out what he is? I dont think he would make that investment. There are too many golfers in Chicagoland that could accomplish that goal.

worlee said...

Thanks for the correction. But this issue of asking people who have no ties to our community just seems senseless to me. Why is there discussion about property "owned" by churches and other entities when we have 7 acres of undeveloped land called Brown Park and were offered assistance by Nike. CAPCC chose to take gym shoes versus asking for a long term committment to our community.