Monday, February 23, 2009


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It appears that a new LOW ceiling is being created for black elected officials. For those of you who hold elected office, the status quo is now saying that you will never get back the Illinois State Senate Presidency nor the U.S. Senate seat.

It may be time for a black elected official's summit in Cook County. Until you guys go behind close doors as a whole group and come out on the same page, they will continue to pick you apart.

I applaud Congressman Rush for having the courage to speak out and not be afraid of being black. Regardless of the Burris outcome, Rush solidified his mark in the pages of black political history with his bold move of being pro black and pro Roland.

The Westside/Southside division amongst black elected officials must end now. The fight should not be between each other but against the common enemy. I applaud Alderman Lyle and Delmarie Cobb for embracing Roland and sending a clear message that we are all under attack, elected officials and regular black folks.

Let's Fight Back,

Sean Howard

In a message dated 2/21/2009 4:42:12 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:
Roland Burris wanted the Senatorial seat and talked to everyone who would listen once it became obvious that Sen. Obama had a chance to win the Presidency. In fact when he would hear discussions about possible replacements he would get upset when he did not hear himself mentioned. Thus he talked to people on the street, his friends and personal network and anybody else he came in contact with about his interest in the seat. During one of many fundraising drives for the former Governor he was asked to raise or contribute money for the Governor. He donated a thousand dollars (and don't quote me on this figure) but in the terms of Gubernatorial fundraising efforts it was deminimus. The Governor's brother later solicited money and Burris initially said ok. After the Governor was arrested he told the Governor's brother he could not raise or give him any money because he was interested in the seat and it would be a conflict of interest. If there are taped conversations and they verify his version, they will not be released to the media. If there are taped conversations that disprove his version they would have been released already.

As of today, no one has accused the Senator of any crime. They suggest he committed perjury because he did not fully disclose when he had a chance to do so. While in the Impeachment hearing however, he said he would be submitting a supplemental Affidavit, which he did on Feb. 5. For reasons having nothing to do with him, the contents of the Affidavit were not released until 8 days later to the Sun Times. Then in his usual and problematic style he tried to explain the alleged inconsistencies, each time stating some new tidbit and further fueling the fire. Which brings us to this point. Roland's problems are not legal, they are perceptual. Now that the Trib has brought down the Governor and has undermined any goodwill that existed for Pres. Stroger they are feeling their oats and have Sen. Burris in their sights. In fact, the Trib went so far as to incredulously state ' you don't need to wait for the evidence or read the transcripts, we did it for you and we say he must go'. After an article/editorial implying that if you disagree with what they said, you must be either crooked or crazy, they ask the readers to vote on whether the Sen. should be kicked out of office. Talk about manipulating public opinion!

I personally don't remember asking the Trib or the Sun Times to think for me, but if it works for them, then I guess somebody did. If they are successful in their latest venture then they will forever control the plight of the Black elected official, because we have no media (at least none on a daily basis) through which we can fight back. Who will be next? We however need to be clear that there is another agenda at work here that has nothing to do with good government or Illinois' reputation across the World.

Freddrenna M. Lyle

Although nothing was been proven, that would imply Senator Burris has been less than forthright, we are in still supportive of our Junior Senator.