Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Destructive rumors....our safety is in our hands.

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood
Dearest neighbor & Stakeholder,
There have been rounds and rounds of rumors on the internet that a "gang shooting war" is coming because of the death of the 9yr old, Tyshawn Lee. This has caused a damaging type of panic, paralyzing our communityand stifling vital business operations. Comcast and other business are not delivering service and small businesses are losing their small profit line and coming in danger of collapse.
These rumors are UNCORROBORATED, which means not based in fact. Take it from me, I'm damn near an expert in the field. Gangs and street people spread these rumors to get the rest of society to jump and scurry around, at their behest. It's folly to even spread those emails around, so let's stop it.
We must "get a grip", straighten up and reject these baseless fears - they're killing us! True we live in an American city where these kinds of incidents can break out at any minute. But you have to realize we have a police dept., backed up by many good citizens, who are out to squash this nonsense. It may, in fact, be safer now than the day the boy was killed.
If you're so concerned about these kinds of incidents I highly recommend that you go to www.Aresponse.org and sign up to become a part of a protective community response, which will guard against such foolishness. Safe neighborhoods are everyone's business. Our safety is in OUR hands.
The time is now!
Yours in fellowship.
Brad O. Redrick,
PS - We just had a neighborhood press conference on this last Friday (click on the below)

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