Thursday, November 13, 2008

Business Conference at Captain Hard Times Restaurant

The Chatham Avalon Park Community Council yesterday afternoon held a conference of businesspeople from the Chatham enclave particularly from the commercial trip of 79Th Street from Cottage Grove Avenue to State Street with a concentrated attention to the rising crime rate and the incidents involved gang-related gun shootings between factional members milling up and down 79Th Street. Present were members of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) from the Gresham District who reported the City's stance on the use of cameras used for pedestrian surveillance of gang members, also know as gang bangers. Vandalism, usually in the form of rock throwing at commercial windows, have cost some business owners $4oo.oo per window for replacement. The consensus of the meeting was the general agreement and widespread opinion that the trouble in the neighborhood has its locus with the tearing down of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) projects creating an influx of Section 8 housing seekers who brought criminal activity with them to Chatham. The CPD already, as they assured the business owners, of their continuing and ongoing vigilance with the use of surveillance camera posted in key intersections, and pursuit by patrol car, bicycle, and on-foot officers, of the perpetrators of the crimes in the neighborhood, especially the 79Th Street commercial strip. The CPD said they will keep the Council informed of their progress and tactics against the crime wave in Chatham. You may also visit our website at


ifiworld said...
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ifiworld said...

The solution to the problems encountered in the Chatham enclave is simple: Chatham needs to be "South Looped."