Friday, August 21, 2015

"Antonio's Response" launched tonight ! Get involved by going to - (Important)

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...what YOU can do for YOUR neighborhood!"
Dearest neighbors stakeholders & community partners,
If you're one of those people, who sees a horrible tragedy occur and says out loud - "somebody ought to do something", well now somebody has, and your help is needed. If you've been following community developments in Grand Crossing, you know that we have been awaiting the final stages of the launching of an organized community response to street gang violence against children in our community - "Antonio's Response".
Local activist, Jose Wilson, in collaboration with a host of other like-minded activists, has spearheaded the effort which commenced tonight, on the anniversary of the tragic death of 9 year old Antonio Smith Jr.. (Attached is a descriptive flier).
With the launching of this response YOU now have the chance to join the campaign by going to the newly created website - .This initiative will send the message out to the world that OUR community has taken a stand whenever the line has been crossed in harming tender-aged children, in OUR village, on OUR streets. This is a significant step in the defense of our children and our collective livelihoods - our neighborhood!
This is exciting and historic...and it's FUBU (for us, by us). Our success will be emulated by other communities, rest assured. Now is the time for this village to turn out to support itself...ourselves. I hope that you will join us in sending this the strongest message possible - UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY. Go to and familiarize yourself with the website There you will find out exactly how you can support the effort.
Yours in partnership
Brad O. Redrick,

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